The first cosmetic product I would suggest you to make and use would be an anti-aging tonic lotion.

The ingredient are easy to find in your local organic store. (whole Food store for example).

To make your own tonic lotion you will need:

-A spray bottle (recycled from a former tonic lotion for example)

-Rose Floral water

-Matcha green tea powder

-Rosewood essential oil

Pour 1 tea spoon of Matcha tea, 5 drops of rosewood essential oil and 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in the bottle, complete  with the floral water.

Close the bottle and shake.

Let it set for a night in the fridge and filter with a coffee filter…

You can now spray or pad your tonic lotion on your face formerely cleansed. Allow your face to dry. Your skin is now enlightened.

You can watch the recipe video:

Don’t forget to shake well each time you use your tonic lotion.

Here are more infos about why I use these ingredients  in my formula.

Rosewood Essential Oil:

This oil has a light, flowery scent with woody undertones.

Many skin and beauty benefits have been observed from the use of rosewood oil. Rosewood oil  is an excellent choice for use in soothing irritated and sensitive skin and is appropriate for individuals with oily skin as well as those with dry skin. For those who are looking for an essential oil to reduce the signs of aging, rosewood   is reducing fine lines and wrinkles as well as promoting the growth of new skin cells. Rosewood oil may also be used to fade scars.

Rosewood oil is often used in aromatherapy and is believed to have many emotional benefits.  Rosewood oil is one of the best essential oils for spiritual and meditative uses. It is also believed to be a very uplifting oil and is sometimes used to relieve the fatigued and lethargic feelings experienced by many who suffer from depression. Rosewood oil is also believed to be useful in relieving stress, anxiety and nervousness and is sometimes used as a mild aphrodisiac.

Matcha tea

One cup of matcha tea is equal to the nutritional and antioxidant values of 10 cups of brewed green tea. Consuming matcha powder is a more nutritious choice than tea brewed from leaves and then strained. Adding matcha green tea to a diet is an easy way to boost health and wellness.

Matcha preventing diseases:

In 2004, a study was conducted by Harvard medical school that indicates that Theamine present in Matcha Tea

acts as an immune booster and that it increases the body’s resistance to colds and flu. Matcha tea contains antioxidants, similar to other types of green teas. Antioxidants in Matcha green tea are higher than that of spinach and blueberries. Antioxidants help protect cells against free radicals that can destroy cells and tissues and help strengthen the immune system. Catechins are types of antioxidants that are only present in green teas. Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCg, is a catechin known for its strong cancer-fighting properties and makes up 60 percent of the catechins found in matcha green tea.

Matcha tea and mental relaxation

According to  a paper published in 1999 by Food Science and Technology L-theanine is an amino acid found almost exclusively in the tea plant camellia sinesis and can induce alpha waves typically only achieved by meditation. In this state of mind, calmness occurs along with mental clarity and alertness, but in an overall state of relaxation. L-theanine counteracts caffeine’s stimulating effects, and helps lower blood pressure, improve memory, reduce PMS symptoms and reduce stress. The effects of L-theanine usually begin a half hour after one cup of Matcha tea is consumed and can last for eight to twelve hours.

All that being said, what about Matcha tea for skincare?

Green Tea can protect the skin from aging and serious damage in general from the sun’s UVB rays. Xanthines present in Matcha, such as Caffeine and Theobromine, have natural anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite and anti-irritancy effects.

Now you understand why I am consuming Matcha green tea in my daily routine, in cooking and in my cosmetic recipes.

Rose Floral Water or Rose Hydrosol:

Rose hydrosol is wonderful in homemade skin care products. It can be used used to moisten a mask, or used in place of water in lotions or cosmetics recipes. Rosewater stimulates the skin, heightening the blood flow  Rosewater. It can balance and restore the skin’s Ph and helps tighten pores thanks to  the fact it controls and balances sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily skin Its antibacterial properties help fight acne giving troubled skin a gentle, rather than a harsh treatment. It is famous to be useful in the treatment of all sorts of dermatitis.

Rose Hydrosol is a wonderful woman’s tool for healing. It may be used externally, as a facial or body spray, or in a compress. Some recommend taking a teaspoon of the hydrosol to calm stress and anxiety. It seems to act on both the body and the psyche to gently bring down barriers. Some health specialists recommends taking Rose Hydrosol internally to help balance female hormones. They write that by helping balance the endocrine system it can combat PMS, menstrual cramps and moodiness, as well as assist during menopause.

Grapefruit seed extract:

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a liquid substance extracted from the fruit and seeds of grapefruit, a sub-tropical citrus tree that grows in abundance throughout many countries. The extract from grapefruit seed was first documented for its medicinal uses in 1972 by Dr. Jacob Harich, a physicist who noticed its traditional use as a disinfectant in a multitude of countries.¹ Many traditional societies, from South America to Europe, to Asia have used the extract to clean the skin, hair, and home surfaces. These societies also valued the extract as a powerful anti-viral and bacterial.

The Health Benefits of Grapefruit Seed Extract:

Grapefruit Seed Extract has very high amounts of disease-fighting, free-radical eliminating antioxidants and phytonutrients (nutrients from plants) called bioflavonoids. One of these powerful bioflavanoids (plant antioxidants) include the chemical component hesperidin, a well-known natural immune-system stimulator and booster.

For all these reasons, I use the grapefruit seed extract inside and out very often, and of course in my cosmetic formulas.

  • Powerful natural antiseptic.
  • Antiviral and anti-fungal agent.
  • Possible anti-cancer properties.
  • Promotes the healing of wounds and scar tissue.
  • Excellent remedy for toenail fungal infections.
  • Acts as a natural preservative for cosmetics.
  • Possible antibiotic activity.
  • Aids to alkalize the body, and is one of the world’s most alkaline forming foods, helping to stabilize acidic pH levels, a central component for health rejuvenation.
  • Great general immune system booster.
  • …non exhaustive benefits…