It is nice and warm in New Caledonia right now, we just head the heart of the summer and it’s really enjoyable to drink fresh and cold drinks. Something different, something healthy, and yes…something helping you reaching your goal of slimming.

Here is the very easy recipe to prepare your iced hibiscus tea (theine free):

-A  pitcher,

-12 dryed hibiscus flowers

-Boiling water (enough to fill your bottle)

-10 tea spoons of agave syrup (healthy and natural sweetening)

You can give some more flavor to your drink by adding

-1 or 2 drops of rose essential oil or

-a pinch of natural vanilia powder

Put the dryed flowers in your pitcher and pour with boiling water. Allow your flowers to brew for a couple of hours (after 30 minutes you will see the water turning to a nice and deep pink color). Filter the liquid with a coffee filter or simply take the flowers out of the pitcher,

Add the agave syrup and the flavor you choose. Keep in the fridge for one more couple of hours and enjoy!!!

I had one of my friends coming home last week with her two adorable daughters, they had a glass of hibiscus drink and called it the “Princess’ Drink”. Soooo true!!

Science corner

Here are the numerous benefits of hibiscus:

Anti oxidant Benefits:

In the body, oxidation causes two electrons to break apart, leaving two oxygen  radicals free to roam about. Sometimes, these damage healthy cells, which then can become cancerous. Hibiscus petals, which are the part of the plant people use to make tea, have a dark red color caused by compounds called flavinoids . More specifically, they contain anthocyanins, plant pigments that give a red, blue or purple shade. These are antioxidants, meaning they fight the negative effects of the oxidation process. Being able to fight free radicals affects virtually every body function, because it helps cells stay healthy enough to perform and reproduce well. With less damage, cancers often do not form as easily. Many people notice a visual difference in the condition of their skin, which appears soft and flexible with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Immune System Performance

Similar to many other plants and fruits, hibiscus contains vitamin C, which medical experts believe influences the development and activity of white blood cells. Their role is to fight off infection and reduce inflammation, so drinking this type of tea might keep a person from getting sick as often. It also might help with diseases such as arthritis and the swelling, redness and irritation that happens after an injury.

Heart Health

Studies of hibiscus tea show that it does have the ability to reduce systolic blood pressure by up to 7%. Experts think this might be due to the flavonoids, which can help dilate blood vessels. These results show that the beverage potentially could treat problems like hypertension, high blood pressure and connected forms of heart disease. They also are significant because they are very similar to what many people experience while on prescription blood pressure medications, suggesting that this drink might be a viable alternative for people who cannot or do not want to take those drugs. More research is needed before experts can say for sure whether these benefits are sustainable, however.

Digestion and Bowel Function

The chemicals in this tea have antibacterial properties and serve as a very gentle laxative, which temporarily can relieve constipation and related problems such as painful gas and bloating. Keeping the bowels moving is essential because it influences the amount of water and nutrients that get absorbed. A sluggish or blocked bowel also can prevent the stomach from emptying as it should, which in turn can lead to problems like stomach upset and heartburn. The polyphenols in the drink also are thought to stimulate the digestive system while deterring the growth of stomach cancers.

Water Control

People need water in order to live, as it makes up the majority of each cell and is necessary for the body to carry out different physical processes. Sometimes, an individual will retain extra water, however. This often shows up as bloating or edema, which can be painful and cause a temporary, slight weight gain. Hibiscus tea is a natural diuretic, so a person might be able to turn to it to restore proper water levels in the body.

Weight Loss and Management

Hibiscus tea contains an enzyme inhibitor that lowers the production of amylase, an enzyme that breaks down sugar and starches. With less amylase, a person typically isn’t as able to absorb as many carbohydrates. That means a person’s body can’t use or store all the carbohydrates he eats, possibly making it easier to hit a weight loss goal or avoid gaining too many pounds.


Hibiscus is a wonderful plant to consume, however, because of its effective actions, it is not advised to consume hibiscus drinks if you are pregnant or breast feeding. So if you are expecting a baby, be patient, you will taste that drink pretty soon…

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  1. elmundooo Avatar

    It sounds really great. And thx for those informations very deep and nice 🙂


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so much, I am glad you enjoyed it…when you try it…please leave me your feedback…I am sure you ll love it!!!


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