Don’t test on animals

Here I am again with a cute and funny…and soooooo important topic: One more reason why I am passionated about natural and organic cosmetic is because they don’t need to be tested on animals…

one of the animals seen in my video

this little youtube animation is fun and can be watched by little children (no chocking image at all). So please like this video and share it…it is a wonderful way to sensibilize kids on that topic.

At least,  cosmetics I am preparing and sharing with you are so armless, mainly formulated with food or eadable products, so that it is no need to be tested on animals…or I should say, I tested them on me for such a long time, I know it is safe… if well prepared, with natural ingredient, and following the preservatives advices (please keep all the cosmetic for short time if you have a mix of water and plants, following the 2 weeks of preparing it, keep it in the fridge…)