If you are experiencing acne, this is a recipe for you. Very easy to make and very effective.

Use the power of nature to erase day after day your pore clogs…treat your spots…cleanse your skin…

fighting acne with patch

To make that recipe you will need:

-3.5 oz of rose floral water

-5 drops of grapefruit seed extract

-1 drop of origan essential oil

-1 drop of tea tree essential oil

-1 rice paper

please click on the video to follow step by step how to make your patches and apply…

How it works:

rose floral water is stimulating the skin, heightening the blood flow and balancing the PH of your skin.

It also helps to balance sebum production.

tea tree essential oil is an effective anti-bacterial fighter as well as a wound cleaner

origan essential oil has  great purifying properties, but be careful, never use this oil pure…it s extremelly strong and could damage your skin!!!

grapefruit seed extract is a strong antiseptic and is full of antioxidants.

a piece of rice paper soacking this rice wrapper in hot water or liquid, it will relieve different substances like natural allantoine which is an anti-inflammatory substance

arrow root extract powder will thicken your preparation allowing to stay and diffuse slowly the active ingredients in your patch. And it will also helps healing our sores and wounds…