When my daughters came and visit during Christmas time, my youngest one called Violette kind of “shocked me” (just kidding of course)… Just before traveling she bought a glittering mineral powder in Sephora store in Aix en Provence-France.

Sephora gold glitter powder

But…remember Violette, I am making the exact same one…with mica mineral powder and with arrow root powder… So I made a huge jare for her…and kind of “stole” her tiny little Sephora one….

homemade gold glitter mineral powder

Now she is so happy, using the large Mum’s powder as a body and face makeup… And especially for her, I add a few drops of a fragrance she is fond of… each time she is using it…she is now thinking about me…(lol…she is soooo sweet to tell me so…). Here are the ingredients you will need: -1/2 gold mica powder (bought on the net, I paid approximately 2.5 usd or 3 usd -1/2 arrow root powder…in organic stores…wholefood for example… -a few drops of your fragrance or perfume mix…. it’s ready!!! Not sure how to do it??? click on the screen to watch the tutorial video

You will take care of your skin…and enlighten your face, or shine for your evenings. Enjoy!!! France

4 responses to “homemade Sephora like glittering powder with minerals”

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  4. atkokosplace Avatar

    Another wonderful video. I like arrowroot powder! Thank you! ❀


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