Today I realized that I did create that blog…and asked myself…why…ok my daughters constant questions are my first reason…but…why do I feel the need to write regularly posts on that blog….because I like challenges!!!

So I jumped out of my bed setting  up my new challenge…just before leaving for my practice (ouffff, I scheduled appointments only for this afternoon today)

My 52 weeks challenge

– Ok, my challenge for the next 52 weeks will be to dissect one famous cosmetic product per week. I will share with you all my perception and knowledge about what ingredients we can find in our body skincare products, tell you what is natural, vegetal, chemical in the anti-aging cream we use daily, what is health threatening for our babies and kids inside of these baby products formulas, and also what is eco friendly…or not…to recap, all what we need to know about cosmetics.

but this is not enough…

-My challenge will also be to formulate the equivalent cosmetic product with all natural and vegetal ingredients and to share that formula with you every single week.

but this is not enough

I will record a tutorial video to help you making your own cosmetics and skincare products and share it with you.

My story

Working in my practice where I am a natural health therapist (for almost 25 years now) I do enjoy being a “giver”. My practice is my major time consumming activity…but I am  also working on my start up company…I am creating, formulating, producing and selling (that’s not my best part…) a 100% natural and organic cosmetic line…also time consumming… and now my blog… challenging???

Not overly scared

In the past, I already braved 3 major challenges:

Challenge # 1:

Raising my children with all my heart and available knowledge, to TRY to reach excellence (nop, I never challenged myself to reach perfection:). I am proud of my daughters and very proud about who they are. Individually so wonderful and loving girls…challenge # 1 achieved.


Challenge # 2:

Years ago, while I was working with and treating World and Olympics champions, I have been hired by a company producing (now very famous) massage machines as a consultant. I was the project developer of a new massage machine for sportman.

When I first met with the CEO of that company (LPG), he challenged me for being in 1 year in Atlanta for the Olympics games (1996) with the brand new, not yet realized, massage machine (52 weeks, now you understand why I set up that 52 weeks new challenge). Beginning from scratch with a first prototype, one year later I was part of that wonderful adventure in the Olympic Games in Atlanta with the French team.

By the way, it was my very first trip to the US…it was amazing…I learned so much from that overwhelming and intense experience…I was so proud…challenge # 2 achieved.


Challenge # 3: 

Because I was secretely passionate with ecofriendly fashion, I challenge myself to develope and design a fashion very high end brand made with organic fabric. And you know what, I did it…and it was a gigentic happiness to provide Hollywood actresses and fashion journalists with my design.

I am a hard worker, I am learning pretty fast…but…that challenge was exhausting…designing clothing during the night, cutting fabric in the morning, treating my patients during the day…sawing in the evening…stooooop!!! And my family…ooops, and myself???

For that  challenge # 3…mhhhhh, let say…half of a success. Honestly, I failed. Or should I say, I choose my family, my wellbeing…and my patients.


And now ladies and gentleman

Today, my challenge is to conciliate that huge task with my businesses and my family because I really really want to make the buzz about how to treat yourself with cosmetic while treating your health…making you aware  on what kind of cosmetic you use…to put on your biggest organ…your skin!

And the winner is…

Environment full of chemicals, people are more and more concerned about their wellbeing but also about preserving the planet, and grow their children in a safer World. But how hard is it…knowing that the cosmetic and chemical industries  don’t have any interrest in revealing the impact of chemicals they use in our cosmetics.For all these reasons, the most we are talking about it…the most it will creat a buzz

And the winner is environment…your skin…you kids…

Thank you for following my blog…and thank you for the huge buzz you will spread!!!




2 responses to “my 52 weeks challenge, cosmetics’ dissection”

  1. kbandaruk Avatar

    Good luck to you! I will look forward to following your progress!


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you. Actually I just discovered your blog in lonelyblogs…I love your blog…the design is beautiful and your postes are great!!!


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