#Castor Oil Index Card

Cleop@tr@ Be@uty Secrets#?

My oldest daughter is a total natural products addict and my youngest daughter is a total…I mean total …makeup addict…both where asking me why Castor Oil is soooo good for their skin.

lipstic made with castor oil

To answer all of their…and your… interrogations (I hope so:)), here is the Castor Oil Index Card.

First of all, this is a vegetal oil, extracted from the seeds of a plant.

This is an ornemental plant in our regions, and the “Ricinus Communis ” can reach 20 feets in tropical and subtropical regions.

Castor Oil Properties:

-Castor Oil contains poly-unsaturated fatty acid (vitamin F), which, as said on web med.com, is a skincare and body booster.

-Castor Oil contains:

a) monounsaturated fatty acids: containing rinoleic acid,a very good agent stopping germs to developp, giving to the castor oil purifying properties.

b) oleic acids: omega 9

-Castor oil contains saturated fatty acids

a) palmitic acids:  is one of the most prevalent saturated fatty acids in body lipids. In aging skin levels, palmitic acid can decrease by as much as 56% (according to truth in aging website)

When castor oil is extracted from a cold-pressed manner, the oil is presenting an extrem viscosity. After this cold pressed action it needs to be filtered to extract  “ricin”, which is a  natural toxic substance contained in the seeds.  It is than totally safe to be used in cosmetic thanks to it’s great benefits. Castor oil is perfect to be used in make up products.

It’s specific fat acid is making the castor oil a wonderful skincare basis, well known since Antiquity, indeed Cleopatra was using  this oil as a makeup remover. This oil is also strenghtening nails and eyelashes.

It also have skin’s healing benefits and is well known for it’s  effective action against over pigmented skins on face and hands.

For these reasons, I shared this wonderful recipe to make your own DIY recipe: please click on the link/  DIY natural eyelashes growing mascara 

castor oil benefits

Being very soothing, this oil is treating eyes irritations.

As you see…castor oil has so many properties…you will love it for it’s natural aspect…and extremely effective.

Here are some cosmetics sold on Amazon which are formulated with castor oil:

Model Supplies Rapid Brow Growth Formula

Phyt’s Correcteur de Teint Foundation

Ecco Bella Flower Color Lipstick

I hope you had all the informations you needed,

please let me know if you want to have details on other natural ingredients.