Tip Against Cellulite

My “Do it yourself ” Tip against cellulite.

Being a woman is so wonderful….except maybe when we are talking about this huge unfairness: We, Women, have cellulite!!!

caffeine massage against cellulite

Today I wanted to share with you a great tip I use to help my cellulite look…less important…and my skin look better

But first of all, did you know there is 3 kinds of cellulite

#1: aqueous cellulite

provoqued by water retention. You find it mainly around your calfs and ankles

#2: adipose cellulite:

provoqued by a too rich food compared to exercise. You find it mainly on Β hips and behind

#3: fibrosis cellulite

linked to collagen stiffening. Tender when you pinch your skin. You find it mainly around knees and tighs.

That being said….what can we do against it…without exploding our “cosmetic” budget?

Here is my recipe:

Pour 4 table spoons of olive oil in a bowl.

Add 4 table spoons of coffee grounds (just keepyour Β morning’s coffee filter to recycle) Caffeine is excellent to stimulate your blood circulation…

Add 5 drops of grapefruit essential oil which is a blood circulation booster.

coffee ground

Mix and rub your legs with this thick blending, begin to apply on your ankle with energetic massage going higher. Insist on your knees. Finish on your hips and behind.

Than rinse with fresh or cold water.

Than apply your “Huile Prodigieuse” glitter Oil to moister your skin…remember…my week #1 challenge…or use your usual moisterizing cream or oil…but be sure you are using an organic all natural cream…You just stimulated your blood stream…while scrubbing your skin…all the chemicals will go through your skin pretty easily!!

Enjoy this recipe and be beautiful today…naturally!!!