How to do an all natural and safe tooth whitening treatment at home?

Actually, I am using essential oils for such a long time…and was using tea tree and lemon essential oil as you would use “Listerine”…or any strong antiseptic mouthwash…

Indeed, the combination of tea tree and lemon extremely effective as an antiseptic for your gums…!!! But on the top of it, these essential oils are very effective to whiten your teeth!

How to use this oil:

Use your regular brush and toothpaste (don’t use a whitening one…that would be too corrosive for your enamel and gum), add 2 drops of lemon essential oil and 2 drops of tea tree… brush and rinse…it is so simple, totally natural…and very effective.

I am using it 5/7 days and for a good breath, I often add some peppermint essential oil…

Don’t use it if you’re pregnant…or breastfeeding…essential oils are very effective and are penetrating into your blood stream pretty easily…as well as your baby’s blood stream…

Essential oils are amazing, they are killing the bad bacteria and keeping the good one…even if nobody can explain it…this is scientifically proven.


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