Coconut Oil Benefits in Cosmetic- Complet Review and Index Card

Why is Coconut Oil a wonderful ingredient to use in cosmetic?

Living in the Pacific part time, I kind of “rediscover” Coconut Oil…

This is the perfect oil to use for skin and for hair…

new caledonia island next to coconut plantation

So now….here we are with all the details about coconut oil…

The first think I would like to share with you is the way to extract oil…it is extremelly important to find first cold pressed coconut oil from fresh nuts…

As I was just saying, I am living in the Pacific and a few weeks ago I planned a trip to a little…tiny mini island just north the main island in New Caledonia…this little paradise is called Ouvéa and is famous for it’s coconut platations…they cultivate “some” of theyr coconut trees…to produce electricity…which is providing electricity…for it’s mill…how wonderful is it!!! An eco friendly small manufacture…

I was so excited to go and visit this manufacture and to find my “new coconut oil provider”…No road sign to show us the road…but people are so nice…we crossed the way of a young woman who explained us our way with such a particular and poetic maner…

it sound like that:

“on the vanilla plantation, turn right, when you see the second coconut field, follow the ocean, when you cross the third church, turn left…the manufactur is under huge coconut trees…you cannot miss it…”

church next to coconut trees plantation

but when getting out of the car…a deep strong smoky smell catched my nose…and my stomach pretty fast.

People where so nice there, they explained me how they extract the oil…first of all they smoke the nut pulp…how sad I was to discover that…because coconut oil needs to be fresh and raw to keep its cosmetic benefits…

coconut before extraction for oil

The smell was as strong as my deception, this manufacture wouldn’t be my coconut oil provider…

However I wanted to promote the island I am living in…so I made ma decision…my coconut oil would be my own production, made with fresh local coconuts…I would buy my coconuts in this local plantations…

In another post I will share the process to make your own coconut oil…

And now back to our ingredient review and benefits.

Botanic name is : Cocos Nucifera

This oil is stable, it means it doesn’t oxydate fast…which is great to use in organic cosmetics…no need of tons of bad preservatives.


It is a liquid oily fluid or solid (upon temperature)

The color is translucid when liquid and turn white to mothershell when solid.

The smell is ….a smell of paradise and travel…or to be more serious, a sweet sugary suave smell.

The touch is pretty dry.

Natural Composition in fatty acids:

Saturated fatty acids:

Lauric Acid (around 50%), Myristic acid (around 18%), Palmitic Acid (around 8%), Caprylic Acid (around 7%), Capric Acid (around 6%)

Lauric acid is an amazing component thanks to its particular affinity with skin and hair proteines. When formulating natural cosmetic, I use coconut oil to make my soaps firm, it has a great  cleaning effect and helps cosmetic to foam pretty easily on a light way. Once penetrated into your body (yes ladies, the cosmetic you use on your skin IS penetrating into your blood stream…that’s why I am “fighting against chemical ingredients!!!)  lauric acid is transforming into monolaurine, which is well known to anti microbial effect. A 1998 study is showing that’s women consuming  coconut oil was increasing the lauric acid present into theyr milk and was providing theyr babies whith  a very protective and anti viral benefits!

Other interesting natural ingredients in coconut oil:

Vitamine A: is protecting our cells against degeneration

Vitamine E: natural antioxidant

Coconut Oil Properties:

Naturally perfumed, coconut oil is extremelly hydrating for skin and hair.

This oil is smoothing the skin, helping to fight redness and is healing sun burns.

It is amazing on curly dry hair, giving all kind of hair a shiny look.

It is also a very good and natural way to prevent lice.

Our recipe with coconut oil:

Perfumed body Balm:

-1 tbsp of macadamia vegetal oil

-1 tbsp of coconut oil

-2 tbsp of sesame oil

-1.5 cup of shredded cocoa butter

-1/4 cup of beeswax

-essential oils: 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 5 drops of geranium essential oil, 5 drops of benzoin essential oil (used in very famous and expensive frangrances like Prada and Hermes and YSL), 5 drops of jasmin essential oil.


Put all your oils (except essential oil) for melting in a bain marie,

once beeswax is melted, take it out of heating and add essential oils. Stir for 1 minute (or less if you are in a cold room)

Pour your jar…a good tip is to use recycled cosmetic containers.

Enjoy to rub your body with this perfumed and treating balm…

It is even better to know you are doing something good for your health isn’t it!!! 🙂

Be beautifull naturally today



You can check on my coconut feet scrub recipe for another way to indulge yourself with nature!