Wow, I am so proud of my latest Organic Cosmetic Products!!!

So natural, full of great and healthy ingredients…for this Face Exfoliator with Iris from Firenza-Italy

like Rose Hydrosol…macadamia oil…Imperial Orchis Extract…and of course Iris powder which is this very gentle and effective exfoliator…with a smell of paradise….(the natural preservative I am using is ok with all the certified organic labels…safe for my skin, and for environment!!!) I love it!

Pure Engels Face exfolitor with Iris powder


As you can see, my jar is already in my bathroom, just between my favorite perfumes. This rich exfoliator cream has such a pleasurable scent…I almost don’t need to use my perfumes anymore!!!

Feel free to leave your comment to ask me the full recipe and tutorial….

it will be a delight to share it with you!!!

Do you want to know how it looks like?

here it is:

Pure Engels Organic cosmetic gentle face exfoliator

Creamy isn’t it?

Be beautiful today…naturally 🙂



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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you ,!!


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