Here is my challenge of the week #5

To choose this week challenge topic…I asked my daughter, Violette, the one who is craaaazy about cosmetics…what she used first this morning…and she told me she hadn’t a lot of time this morning, so she used a leftover of my dry shampoo…the one I made last time I was in France in her appartment…ohoooo!!! Here is my topic…dry shampoo…and indeed,  more and more “super wired cosmeticsta” (lol, actually I dond’t know if this word exist…but it sound like fashionista for cosmetic…)…so these cosmeticsta girls are using more and more dry shampoo, because it is saving time, and also because it is supposed to be healthier and well balanced for hair and scalp…

Violette, my daughter who is crazy about cosmetics...

Violette, my daughter who is crazy about cosmetics…

Now let see what is in this Batiste dry shampoo formula:

batiste dry shampoo original ingredients review


batiste dry shampoo formula dissection

And belowe I share the complete ingredients review…

Here are the ingredients and material  you need for the do it yourself dry shampoo recipe, just like Batiste…but natural:

-1 sugar shaker (by the way, thanks to the fact these are all natural and eadable ingredients, you can use the shaker from your kitchen…)

sugar shaker

-1 cup of arrow root (or 1 cup of rice powder, both are absorbing the excedent of sebum from your hair and roots)

– 5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil (ylang is excellent for your scalp and is used to grow hair, you can add another essential oil for perfume)

-1  natural wild boar hair brush

My technique:

Dust your hair with your do it yourself powder, put your head over the sink and brush your hair with your natural wild boar brush….then brush your hair like usual…you are all set!!!


-Because I am crazy about the wonderful vanilla I am buying in this paradisiacal little island in New Caledonia, I am leaving 1 vanilla pod (split)  in the arrow root powder for several days, so my dry shampoo is naturally perfumed!!!

-You can use this recipe on your pets…easy…no need of a tub for this time….it will absorb odors and some sebum too…



Here is the detailed formula review of Batiste dry shampoo the original :

- Butane

Classified as  a Human irritant - strong evidence (only for products for use around the eyes, on the skin, or may be aerosolized.


according to ewg, Isobutane is classified as expected to be toxic or harmfull. It is causing Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs). It is a strong human irritant -  (only for products for use around the eyes, on the skin, or may be aerosolized (airborne))

-Oriya sativa rice starch

It is rice is THE natural ingredient in Batiste dry shampoo formula....don't miss that won't find anymore natural stuff in there:)


Causing Human Allergies/immunotoxicity  

-Alcohol denat:

 According some scientific studies and detailed on EWG reviews, this substance present limited evidence of reproductive toxicity, Limited evidence of developmental toxicity, Cancer 


Recommended restricted in cosmetics - use, concentration, or manufacturing restrictions - Fragrance subject to restrictions: safe only if satisfies manufacturing specifications or purity limits Numerous scientific studies are showing that linalool is a substance which can cause allergies, irritations and eczema... And the cosmetic industry is using this fact to oblige the organic and aroma industry to note their products including some essential oils as dangerous for babies and pregnant women (which is fine and normal)...but all the studies about linalool have been made with...synthetic chemical logic is that??? It is obvious that a few essential oils are to be avoided by young child and pregnant woman...thanks to the fact they are containing active ingredients "working" against pregnancy...or too strong for babies...but their is only a few, and aromatherapist know them very well. How is it possible to make the fusion between synthesized and natural ingredients??? I guess linalool here is synthesized linalool, so is causing irritation, allergies and eczema...otherwise they would underline the natural origins of their linalool...


Same as's a synthetized substance causing allergies... Though you can find geraniol naturally in some essential geranium EO for example.

-Benzoyl benzoate

As the 2 ingredients above benzyl benzoate is a synthetized ingredient, according to the blog dying to look good! Benzyl Benzoate is a natural component of cinnamon essential oil. It composes about 3% of the oil. Cinnamon essential oil has therapeutic benefit and when used in small amounts is safe. Generally the amounts of essential oils used in cosmetics and personal care products is so small that you don't have to be concerned with any precautions associated with the essential oil. If you use individual essential oils, you need to be informed about precautions, contraindications and safe use of the oils. The synthetic version, on the other hand is the chemical used to kill head lice and is associated with a variety of adverse effects, including burning and itching of the skin, formation of blisters, reddening, crusting or scaling of the skin, jerking movements, difficulty urinating or sudden loss of consciousness. When you see benzyl benzoate listed as an ingredient in a product in which you're interested, if it does not specify that it is from cinnamon essential oil, you should either contact the manufacturer to find out the source of the benzyl benzoate or not buy the product.,


Is a synthetic substance causing irritation and allergies, itching and comedogenic. Do we need itching ingredients in our dry shampoo???

-Cetrimonium chloride

Is a chemical synthetized substance used in cosmetic formulas to help prevent static electricity. So it helps to make hair looks smooth ans soft...however, ewg is classifying the substance as human skin toxicant or allergen;

To recap this is not good for your skin, nor for your scalp...

and the natural recipe is soooo simple to realize...and totally effective....

Enjoy...and be naturally beautiful today...