What are all the benefits for skin and hair in Jojoba Oil

How to use jojoba oil for skin and haire care, what is jojoba oil made of….this index card will answer all your questions…

First of all, on your labels, you will find the INCI name as: Simmondsia Chinensis

jojoba oil ingredient review and index

And did you know that jojoba is called an oil, but should be considered a wax?

This wax is from the cold press extraction of jojoba seeds.

Thanks to its chemical structure this oil is extremelly stable (extremelly long fatty acids chains…another oil with similar fatty acid chain is Abyssinian Oil). Meaning it is not oxidating easily, so it makes it a great oil to be preserved…with no chemical preservatives.

Aspect of jojoba oil:

Jojoba oil is an oily, non greasy liquid, the color is light yellow. The smell is a light nut fragrence. This oil is penetrating easily into skin without leaving a grasy touch nor aspect.

Composition of jojoba oil:

molecular structure of jojoba oil for natural cosmetic

Mono unsaturrated fatty acids: around 70 % of gadoleic acid (which is the same substance found in an unfamous but extremelly interresting oil: meadowfoam seed oil…I will share a post about that oil pretty soon). 10% of erucic acid (you can find erucic acid in canola oil).

Saturated fatty acid: nervonic acid, which is an extremelly important substance for brain, and is not synthetized by our body…

Jojoba is growing in South America deserts. It has amazing very long roots able to catch water or humidity from the desert soil and can that way resist to sever dryness.

Each year jojoba trees are producing seeds from which are extracted the oil. Its composition is very close to the human sebum composition, making it a very compatible substance for your skin.

Jojoba oil has a great affinity with yur skin and hair.

On you skin, jojoba oil prevent dehydration and revitalize asphyxiated skins. Its dry texture  and its original composition  allow this oil to reinforce the hydrolipidic film and to regulate the sebum flow from greasy skins.

It also regulates the balance of greasy hair and give vitality to dry and brittle hair. In both case jojoba oil  is offering shining and softness to hair.


Excellent to use in the formulation of day cream for all kind of skin

Is perfect to be used as a massage oil.

Excellent as a soft  demake up for eyes and face.

Excellent after shaving or waxing skin care product.

Great to use in anti aging lotions and cream.

Ideal to realise a fluide cream for combination skin.

Can be used pure or mixed with other oil and essential oils…

here are 3 DIY recipes you can try…and adopt…for natural cosmetics…:

1) After waxing soothing oil:

-1tbsp of jojoba oil

-1 tbsp of calendula oil

-30 drops of lavender essential oil

2) Anti Acne Mask Fighter:

-1 tbsp of jojoba oil

-1 tbsp of white clay

-10 drops of tea tree essential oil

-10 drops of lemon essential oil

3) Repairing Hair Serum:

-2 tbsp of jojoba oil

-1 tbsp of castor oil (helping to grow hair)

30 drops of ylang ylang essential oil (perfect for healthy hair)




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