It is always so exciting to share such an interresting thing…replacing the wax extracted from whales.

I still remember, when I was a little girl and I was reading the Pinocchio tale…each time I was arriving at the whale “episode”, I was sad because my mom told me people were killing whales to produce lipsticks and makeup…So…I was sad for whales…and not realy for Pinocchio and Jepetto…(it sounds like I was already an animal and nature lover… 🙂

sperm whale oil used in cosmetics

I was so happy to learn…years ago…that hunting whales was forbidden…yeeee

So the cosmetic industry, beginning with Japan who was a big sperm whale oil consumer, replaced this animal wax with 2 vegetal oils which have very similar structures and fonctions.

One was jojoba oil, you can find the complete ingredient review following the link,

the other being the Meadowfoam Seed Oil.

meadofoam seed oil and flowers

This oil is extracted from the Limnanthes Alba seed, produced by a plant native from Northwest Pacific. It is used in cosmetics since 1970’s in Japan, and only since the 1990’s in the US.

Meadowfoam seed oil composition:

The composition of this oil is mainly triglyceride (3 long chains): fatty acid: 98 % with 20 or more carbon chains. Thanks to its structure, the meadowfoam seed oil is extremelly stable, resisting to heat and is not getting oxidated. (this is the reason why the sperm whale oil was use as engines lubricant and in cosmetics…), so is less likely to go rancid.

In cosmetic, , this oil is often added to extend the shelf life of other stable oils in formulations.

I like to use this oil, for that particular reason, in hair serum formula…can you imagine an oil standing high heat like in engines…the benefits for your hair: great heat protection when blowing and drying your hair!!!

Exactly like jojoba, meadowfoam seed oil contains around 65% of gadoleic acid (one of the fatty acids).

Meadowfoam seed oil Benefits:

-Meadowfoam seed oil acts to prevent trandermal water loss (TWL), serving as a “coating barrier without being sticky or skin suffocating. It is therefor an excellent moisturizing substance. In fact, this oil is offering a very smooth touch feeling, also used by massage therapists.

-A very important benefits from this oil is the UV protection its offers.

-It helps to bind fragrances to help perfumes lasting longer, thanks to its good skin adherence!

-It visibly reduces wrinkles.

– Add shine to hair (and as I was writting above, heat protecting for your hair).

-Its almost odorless, so it is perfect to use in any cosmetic formula…

Enjoy being beautiful today…naturally!



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