If you like the crunchy melting feeling, with an amazing fusion of chocolate and rose flavors…this is for you…

I first tried this recipe because I wanted to introduce floral waters in my recipes.

Floral water or hydrosol are amazingly good ingredients to use in cosmetics as well as in your cuisine.

The Damas Rose Floral Water I choose for this recipe is a wonder for women. This is balancing hormonal unbalanced, helping in pre menstrual syndroms…and is helping to regulate everyone’s little munchies… It is offering good moods to young and olders!!!

I love these Chocolate Cookies-Blinis, you even forget you are on a gluten free diet…and diary free diet…

gluten free gourmet chocolate blini with rose flavor

This recipe is very easy to prepare…the only difficult think about it is to wait for an hour for the dough to raise…I am so impatient when we talk about cookies…

To cook these treats, you will need:

-1 cup and a 1/3 of white rice flour

-1/4 cup of chesnut flour

-1/4 cup of coconut flour

-25 cl or 1 glass of rice drink or soya milk

– 1 tea spoon of powder yest ( check for a gf)

-1/4 of brown cane sugar

– 2 tbsp of coconut oil

-2 eggs

– 2 tbsp of chopped dried cherries (or dried craneberries)

– 2 tbsp of Rose floral water

– 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

How to procede:

Mix all the flours

Warm up the rice milk or soya milk to tepid

Prepare the sourdough : take off 2 tbsp of flour and  2 tea spoon of sugar and put them in a bowl. Add the milk and mix to get a foamy mixture.

Incorporate the sugar, salt, eggs, coconut oil and cherries in the flours.

Incorporate the sourdough to the dry mixture and stir.

Leave it in a warm place for one hour to allow the  dough to raise.

Incorporate the chocolate to the dough.

Spray some oil in a fried pan and pre heat it.

When the fried pan is hot, spread some sugar on the bottom, lay some dough ( 1 laddle) in the fried pan and cook it both side.

before beginning to cook the next cookie-blini, swip with a tissue and proced like lately.

Savor hot,

The taste is very subtil, realy unusual to catch the combination of crunchy sugar, melting chocolate and the rose blooming…over the acidulous dried cherries…

I like it for dessert with some vanilla ice cream of for breackfast with amarena cherries jam.


Bon appétit mes Amis!

3 responses to “Chocolate and Rose Floral Water Blinis French Gluten Free Gourmet Style”

  1. elmundooo Avatar

    My mouth is watering 🙂
    Really yummy ❤


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you…it is a lot of fun and an unusual way of cooking…with flower…did you try the raspberry with floral water recipe…really refreshing…and so fast….enjoy and thanks again:)


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