Yesterday I published a dessert cooking recipe with rose floral water

I will share pretty often cosmetic AND food recipes with floral water. This perfumed liquids provided by flowers and plants are a wonder from nature…to help us looking good…and feeling good.

Actually, we can use hydrosols 3 different ways.

hydrosols bottle

Consuming Damas Rose hydrosol for its healing smell and pleasant  fragrance.
Consuming Damas Rose Hydrosol for its cosmetic action on your skin.
Consuming Damas Rose Hydrosol by swallowing for its marvellous taste and its aromatherapy action ( antispasmodic, soothing, refreshing and hormon balance benefit).

Damas rose hydrosol

I will come back more deeply below, but first, here is the complete ingredient review…

Extraction method:

Water steaming and distillation in a still

still to distill rose floral water

To use your floral water on your skin or internely, it is important to buy a pure hydrosol with NO preservatives.

To extract 1 liter of hydrosol, 1 kg of rose petals is needed.

Originaly, this flowers are from Damas- Syria. The plants have been brought to occident during cruisades. Damas roses are now cultivated in Turkei, Bulgaria and Morroco.

Damas rose is cultivated for commercial reasons to produce essential oil thanks to its excellent yield compared to other roses species. We need 4 tons  of rose petals to obtain 1 kg of essential oil. For that reason, this essential oil is rare and precious.

Damas Rose History:

Rose hydrosol is produed for several centuries. It was one of the first distillations performed by Arabians in the Xth century. It was the object of an active trade around the mediteranean sea. It was than used as a perfume, for skin cares as well as for cooking.

Damas Rose hydrosol properties:

Rose floral water is a real ally to body and soul, it allows to relieve from tensions and to calm down torments. In cosmetic, it is well  fitting with mature skins to fight aging signs. Its strong and arousing flavor will seduce you to perfume your DIY skin cares products, and it will also bring some interresting flavor to your desserts and drinks…

Damas rose floral water review

In cosmetics:

Astringent and tonic for your skin, it is perfect for all kind of skins, even for rosacea affected skins.

It contributes to regenerate skin cells and to prevent the aging effects.

Refreshing,it is calming rednesses

By ingestion:

Antispasmodic effects, antiseptic effects.

Rose hydrosol is  helping to balance the hormonal system. It is helping to fight peri menstrual syndroms, cramps and bad mooth.

Helping to regulate hungers.

By inhalation:

Rose hydrosol is presenting a partiular affinity to hearts, body and soul emotional field. It promotes the balance, it helps to make decisions and to accomplish projects.

Exhilarating and harmonizing, it is a sooting smell bringing a balance feeling and it is helping to clear stress.

Rose is the feminine flower, it escorts women to a radient inner self (some would say to a blooming sexuality).

Rose symbolize love.

Recipes with Rose floral water:
1- Anti age rose mask:

-3 tbsp of clay

-2 tbsp of Damas rose hydrosol

-1 tea spoon of Rosehip oil

Mix and use immediatly by spreading on your face, avoid eye contour. Leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse…

2- Chocolate blinis with rose floral water,

3- Wellbeing Drink: (feeling depressed?)

-15 ml of St Johns Wort floral water

-15 ml of Echinacea floral water

-5 ml of rose floral water

Mix the different ingredient in 1 litter of mineral water. Drink this mixture all day long for 3 weeks

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      nice anti aging cream recipe with avocado oil


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