DIY Vanilla Perfumed Macerate Oil for Natural Cosmetics

How to do your own Vanilla Perfumed Macerate Oil to be used in aoll your DIY Natural Cosmetics

As I am back from my vanilla “hunting” in a wild fare Pacific Island, I developped a passion for vanilla.

I am now cooking vanilla, formulating with vanilla in my organic cosmetics…and preparing my own Vanilla Perfumed Macerate…almost dreaming Vanilla…:)

vanilla macerated in macadamia oil for comsetics

Actually , I am used to prepare my own macerate, which is a marvel of perfumed oil…I use it immoderately after my shower as a body moisterizer and perfume, on my hair….and in ma cosmetic creams and makeup. But this is the first time I am preparing it with the vanilla I am taking back from my trip…just in the heart of vanilla origins…on a small and almost virgin island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean: Lifou.

Lifou is a little island where people are still living very simply, they live in tribes, in beautiful round huts build with vegetals…and of course, they are specialized in vanilla plantation, thanks to the clement weather for that vanilla orchid. Indeed vanilla plants are growing in humid “jungle” forest.

vanilla pods full of vanilline seeds

The two planters I selected to provide me with vanilla pods are extremelly concerned with ecological culture. They don’t use any chemicals to kill bugs or to fertilize their plants…instead they use natural vegetal compost to fertilize and protect the roots from bugs. This technique is also keeping humidity around the plant, which is, as they say…allowing their vanilla pods to be saturated with vanilline…and not with water…

Bur first, let me introduce you to Jeanine a vanilla planter in North of the island and Michel a vanilla planter central of the island:

Vanilla planter for vanilla in cosmetics

Michel a vanilla planter for organic cosmetics in Lifou

Some Vanilla History:

Vanilla pod is the fruit of a liana native from Mexico. It is in the family of orchids. It has been discovered by Spanish Conquistadors in 1500 and brought into Reunion Island, called Bourbon Island at that time.

Now a day vanilla is cultivated everywhere, but Bourbon vanilla and vanilla from New Caledonia are fare the gourmet’s favorite because the vanilla pods are saturated with this warm and sweet flavors and aroms of vanilline.

Did you know that in breast milk is found a molecule  with a similar structure as vanilline? Now you understand easily why, whatever is the culture like…in any country…vanilla aroms seduce and subjugate.

Now that you know everything about Vanilla, here is the procedure to realize your own vanilla macerate.

vanilla oily macerate for natural cosmetics

What you need to realize your DIY vanilla perfumed macerated macadamia oil:

– 6 Vanilla pods, cut in half and split with a knife.

– Organic vegetal oil, I choose macadamia oil. It is perfect to use on your skin to hydrate and soften your derm. It is also a very stable oil which wont oxidate easily…

– 1 glass bottle with a lid or screw lid.

How to proceed:

-Be sure to sterilize your material as well as wearing gloves to be able to preserve your oil for a very long time

-Pour your vanilla pods in the bottle (it is important to choose a glass bottle, if you take time to prepare your natural cosmetic, be aware plastic bottles are source of formaldehyde which is diffusing into your liquid and will end up into your skin)

– Cork your bottle and wait for 3 weeks, once a week shake smoothly the bottle to allow the seed to travel into your perfumed oil.

– Spread  your bewitching perfumed oil oil on your body and enjoy…

Be naturally beautiful today…

vanilla macerated in oil for natural DIY cosmetics recipes