Nailpolish Toxic Review Ranking. Dior the Most, H and M the less

According recent scientific analyses, here is an interresting review on famous nail polish brands.

This morning I was on skype with my 2 daughters, they were on Anais’ bed… and Violette was applying a nice redish nail polish on her sister’s nails…what a cute image this was for a mother…from the other side of the planet…


The first question jumping on my tormented organic addict mind was:

what kind of nailpolish do you use???

Mam, of course we use OPI…

OPI nail polish dangerosity review rank

Oufffffff…this is the nailpolish located just in the middle of the dangerousity ranked brand

And before giving you the ranking, did you know that a new brand is emmerging, with a new patent…this is an organic nailpolish: So Bio Etic is now sold in Europe…in 5 colors…I guess it will come soon on the US market!!!

Among analysed products, from the most toxic to the less dangerous: the most toxic is Dior (and the most expensive too), L’Oréal, Maxfactor, Manhattan, OPI, Maybelline, Bourgeois, Essie, Essence (which is the most resistant one and the less expensive) and H&M

Ranked #  1 in toxicity: Dior Nailpolish

dior nailpolish review ranked

Ranked # 2 in toxicity: L’Oréal Nailpolish

l oreal nailpolish ranking in nailpolish toxicity

Ranked #3 in Toxicity: Maxfactor

maxfactor nailpolish toxicity ranking

Ranked # 4 in Toxicity: Manhattan nailpolish:

Manhattan nailpolish toxicity ranking

Ranked #5/10 in Toxic nailpolish: OPI:

opi toxic ranking

Ranked # 6/10 Toxic nailpolish: Maybelline Nailpolish:

maybelline nailpollish ranking in toxicity

Ranked #7/10 toxic nailpolish: Bourgeois Nailpolish:

bourgeois nailpolish toxicity review

Ranked # 8/10 toxic nailpolish: Essie nailpolish:

Essie nail polish review

Ranked # 9/10 in Toxixity for the nailpolish Essence:

good ranking almost the less dangerous, and also the less expensive!!!

essence ranking almost less dangerous

Ranked # 10/10 in Toxicity…the less dangerous nailpolish is the H&M Nailpolsih:

H&M nailpolish review rank

I hope this will help you next time you will nailpolish shopping….

Enjoy and be naturally beautiful today!!!