My lipstick is a dynamit stick, little funny story for my week 6 challenge.

maybelline lipstick nude

Sandy and Sharon are two beautiful women living in the beautiful and so peacefull Sarasota Bay-Florida. They will never be friends…no way, they both have a huge crush for Steve. Steve is a hip and handsome plastic surgeon whose only focus is his patients. One little facelift here, some nice implant there….result of the story, his sentimental life is as peaceful as sea on a quiet spring morning…


Fall showing off its fresher and cool evenings…parties where scheduled in the nicest places for all trendy agendas. Sandy and Sharon were seeing the wonderful opportunity to catch their sweet fish in their net (please read in their arms)…

The chill lounge was there, they were sure to see him, cross him, and to get THE opportunity of their life…

lipstick cartoon

Turning them into “even” more beautiful women, pampered…make up ready, and the final touch for both ladies: lipstick!!! They knew he was an aficionado of pulpy lips.


Sandy choose a classic deep glossy red lipstick she bought on University Parkway while Sharon choose a nice deep orange turning to red lipstick made with natural wax and vegetal oils she bought downtown.

orange natural lipstick

During the evening, Sharon was unremittingly visiting the powder room in Media to spread more orange lipstick on her lips …of course, natural pigments and oils are not staying forever on their lips….

Sandy took the opportunity to tackle Steve, pretty fast, the man succumbed to these over shiny pulpous lips. Sandy is getting closer, their lips are now skimming each other…and suddenly Steve jump frenetically back…looking like Steve was having a nausea…did Steve had too much of this wonderful cocktail? Does Sandy have a bad breath? The thriller is at its height…

“Don’t get close to me anymore crumble lips” said Steve…behind your glossy satiny red lips, vile cracks are hidden…

omg my lipstick is cracking my lips

At the same time, Sharon is getting back from her “lipstick again mission”, she crossed Steve’s eyes, who was coming closer, bewitched by her lushious lips…He is tilting Sharon will kissing her voraciously….

Sandy is furious…but what could she do against it, as fare as she remembers, she always had cracks on her lips…though she is protecting them, using creams and balms care treatments…

Poor Sandy, she didn’t know that our sweet magic sticks containing mineral oils and paraffin are causing her deep turmoil.

Ingredients containing paraffin are creating a film on her lips’ surface. Because this ingredient is an important percentage in the formula, her skin is rejecting these ingredients as a foreign substance and are drying again…and again…resulting in chemical moisturizing “addiction” from her lips…needing more and more of this poisoning lipbalm

MMMMhhh….a color of scandal…this lipstick!!!

Mineral hydrocarbon dangers (oil and wax) are described for a long time now. Short and long term studies realized on animals are showing that some oils and wax from mineral hydrocarbon inflicted orally have toxic and dangerous accumulative effect on organisms. To be clear, lipsticks are swallowed…so users are intoxicating themselves without knowing it.

Sandy is now beside herself…how can she distinguish paraffin in this jungle of cosmetics?

Here is the list of mineral hydrocarbon substances:

Cera microcristallina, Ceresin, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Ozokerite.

All this named ingredients have a ADI (acceptable daily intake), so they HAVE to be named, other substances could also be present in the formula without being named on label…

Here is my DIY made up with natural ingredients:

-4 spoons “drops” of titanium dioxide

-1 drop spoon of Purple Mineral Oxide

-Carnauba Wax: 0.7 gramms

-White beeswax: 0.9 gramms

-Vegetal glycerine: 3 gramms

-Karite Butter: 3 gramms

– Abyssinian vegetal oil: 0.5 gramms

-Nude Beige mineral mica powder: 2 TAD spoons

–  drops of vanilla oil for its fragrance

-Vitamine E: 5 drops.

Mix all the ingredients together, except the frangrance and vitamine E.

Use a “bain marie” to allow all your ingredients to melt.

Once melted, take it out of the bain marie and pour the rest of your ingredients

Pour immediatly in your lipstick or balm container.

I bought a mould to realize my stick…however I always use a makeup brush, so I always pour in a little jar…like a balm…

up to you…

And now here are the Maybelline lipstick ingredients review

Lanolin : Is a natural substance secreted by sheeps to protect their « wool », in other words, it is animal sebum. Depending on the quality of lanolin (filtered or not…), it can be irritating or allergen.

Sesamum indicum oil: Sesame is a vegetal oil which is preventing against dehydration.

Oleyl Erucate: Oleyl Erucate is a liquid wax ester (oleyl alcohol and erucic acid) very similar to jojoba

Cera Microcristallina:is a mineral hydrocarbon chemical substance…not natural, not healthy, not good for environment.

Ppg 5 Lanolin Wax: is a synthetized wax, not safe. Texture agent.

Acetylated lanolin: is a synthetic or natural substance. Irritation and allergies can occur.

Cera Alba, Beeswax: is a natural filming substance.

Alumina: (oxide) is found naturally in nature, shouldn’t be harmful.

Disteardimonium Hectorite:  is a vegetal derived suspending agent used to thicken oil based products and serve as stabilizer for emulsions.


Tocopheryl Acetate:  

It is an antioxidant, which is in the family in vitamin E. It is commonly used in cosmetics, however it is showing strong evidence of skin toxicant or allergen on human skin according to theCosmetic Ingredient Review Assesment.

One or more animal studies show tumor formation at high doses according to theEnvironment Canada Domestic Substances List.

Acrylic Acid/Isobutyl Acrylate/Isobornyl Acrylate Copolymer: is a plastic synthetic filming agent, nothing is found on the web about any research, nor in good nor bad…

However, if copolymer are combined with, it is not supposed to be swallowed nor absorbed. Tests on animals are showing these substance in synergia are toxic. These ingredients are causing irritations.


Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate: is a non toxic form of aluminum.


Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate: not toxic for human bioaccumulative for environment.

Synthetic Fluorphlogopite: is a bulking and viscosity control ingredient.

Chemestry structure: Synthetic fluorphlogopite is a synthetic mimic of a mica-type, fluorine substituted mineral composed of magnesium aluminum silicate sheets, weakly bound together with potassium Phlogopite, the non-fluorine substituted mineral, like other micas, has a layered structure of magnesium aluminum. A large scientific report is showing how this substance has no side effect on the matter of genotoxicity, irritation…


It is important to note that in this large report, it is stipulated that there were no carcinogenicity (cancer) studies available for synthetic fluorphlogopite. Why…???

Pentaerythrityl Tetr-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate:

This substance has been to object of recent scientific studies on animals (December 2013, here is the comment on each page: Distributed for Comment Only — Do Not Cite or Quote!…so I won’t cite it…but please contact me on private to get web link.)

They tested on rats and rabbits on skin, by ingestion, by inhalation. They noticed apathic behavior and skin irritation, as well as hormonal transformations…. They noticed that none of the animal tested died during the 14 days period of test… After the tests, they performed necropsies (to recap they killed animals to check if they contracted any cancer or organ abnormalities…really…in 2 weeks???…) and observed no abnormality on dead animals…

I have some comments on that research…

If we follow scrupulously their scientific report, you are not supposed to die by using this substance for 14 days…nor should you reveal abnormal and dangerous disease…however you can have an extreme slowing down in behavior…could be irritated, have an increase in your uterin weight due to hormonal impact, or reveal breathing problems…

To be clear, this is a very comfortable report for the chemical industry…they don’t offer any perspective on middle or long term… but on short term, this substance is already provoking health issues.


Silica is a mineral found naturally in sandstone, clay, and granite, as well as in parts of plants and animals, and is used as a versatile ingredient in the cosmetics and skin care industry. Silica is seen in many make up formulas because its spherical particles not only absorb sweat and oil, but prevent light reflection, and improve spreadability.

Calcium Sodium Borosilicate:

Tests on animals are showing that the calcium borosilicate applied on animal skin

( New Zealand White rabbits) There were no deaths. Two animals showed decreased activity and 1 fecal staining of the anogenital area within 24 h. Some animals showed discharges from the nose or eyes in the second week after dosing (even if this is not glamour at all, it is however the only way to expose how risky are these chemical ingredients, and believe me, I am reading all the pages of these reports…I don’t take any pleasure observing how we are behaving to sell more…better…with huge mark ups…)

Examination at necropsy showed no changes considered related to the test substance.

If we follow scrupulously their scientific report, you are not supposed to die by using this substance for 14 days…nor should you reveal abnormal and dangerous disease…however you can have an extreme slowing down in behavior…could be irritated, have an increase in your uterin weight due to hormonal impact, or reveal breathing problems…

To be clear, this is a very comfortable report for the chemical industry…they don’t offer any perspective on middle or long term… but on short term, this substance is already provoking health issues

Benzyl Alcohol:

Is a preservative. Benzyl alcohol can cause cancer, skin irritations and allergies, neurotoxicity, can have an impact on reproduction, cells modifications, organ toxicity, environment toxicity, hormonal disturbances.

Polyethylene Terephtalate:

The Cosmetics Database finds Polyethylene Terephthalate to be a moderate hazard ingredient, and notes concerns regarding endocrine disruption, its ability to increase exposure of other ingredients, and developmental and reproductive toxicity. It is also considered a potential carcinogenic, and animal studies (albeit from 1955) show tumor formation at moderate doses.

Mel, Honey,Miel:

First of all, this is a natural ingredient presenting numerous benefits for skin and hair.

No need to translate the name in 3 different languages…they don’t translate polyethylene terephtalate as plastic and plastique…it is a marketing effect to give more importance on natural ingredients!!!

Tin Oxide:

Tin Oxide presents Persistence and bioaccumulation and enhanced skin absorption

Tin oxide is an inorganic oxide that is naturally found in mineral form.

Function(s): Abrasive; Bulking Agent; Opacifying Agent; VISCOSITY CONTROLLING. It is a

nanoparticules and recent studies are showing dangerous effects. Nanoparticules are causing cancers, exactly like asbestos.

Aluminium Hydroxide:

Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive)

Aluminum hydroxide, also known as hydrated alumina, is a form of aluminum used as a colorant.

Function(s): Opacifying Agent; Skin Protectant; COSMETIC COLORANT


Acrylate Copolymer


 HIGH concerns: Contamination concerns; Acrylates copolymer is composed of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid building blocks.

Function(s): Adhesive; Artificial Nail Builder; Binder; Film Former; Hair Fixative; Suspending Agent -Nonsurfactant; ANTISTATIC; BINDING; FILM FORMING


 Is in the family of Silicon. Not toxic to your skin, it is however very important to underline the fact

that this whole synthetized substance is coating perfectly your skin…or hair, and therefore, is

obturating your pores. In clear words, used on a daily basis, this is not helping your skin to stay

young. You also need to get an extremely good makeup remover…indeed this substance is like glue…staying on your skin for longer than you can imagine…And think about this: You will find

silicone in your shampoo, body lotion, Face skin care products….step by step…you are covering

your whole body skin with silicon…and your skin is your organ with the largest surface!!!

But this is only the “visible part of the iceberg”….this chemicals are not biodegradable and extremely stable…it means once it is synthetized, it will stay on the planet…forever…as a consumer, I am considering that aspect as a very important point.

CI 77891/ Titanium Dioxide:

Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891): a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, generally used as a pigment. Cosmetics grades are extremely pure and highly prized as an effective nonchemical sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is found in our Satin Matte Foundation and most of our color cosmetics. It is not used in our Color Balancing Powder, Balancing Primer Powder or Satin Finishing Powder. We do not use nano-sized titanium dioxide in our formulas. Approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan


  • Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499): inorganic compounds created from purified, oxidized iron. Iron oxides range in shade from yellow to red, brown and black. Approved for use in cosmetics in the U.S., E.U. and Japan.