Follow my Roots, all Vegetal and Natural DIY Hair Dye

Before and After

Natural and Organic whole Vegetal DIY Hair Dye…

One month ago, I usual…to my favorite hair dresser here in town…(Noumea)…for my roots color. Actually, because he is very nice, and very professional, he heard my complaints about chemical allergies…and offered me to use the most natural hair dying he had…amonium free…

Still, when he applied the mixture on my scalp, it began to itch…and I started a crazy headache…for 2 weeks I had dandruff turmoils…

I know…I had some tiny little health issues lately…so I wasn’t surprised…my immune system is turning crazy…still…I forgot about my hair dresser for the next weeks…and last week end, my sweet heart soooo sweetly and lovingly asked me why I would take time to pamper myself…and visit my hair dresser….ooooops

Ok, I guess it is time to do something…and I decided to try a natural way…

this is my very first time trying this…and I have to say…not too bad for a first shot!!!

So here is my “before” photo: aouchhhhhhh….

follow my roots, dying with vegetal ingredients


and here is my “after” DIY dying photo….mmmmm feeling better (sorry no make up… 🙂

france's roots after diy dying


Do you see my Roots?

My Ingredients for this DIY roots dying:

of course, depending on your hair color, you can adapt your mixing…don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some advice about youur right blend…

– 1 tbsp of walnut husk powder

-1 tbsp of blond champagne henna powder

– 1 tsp of guar gum ( it will keep the mixture more humid and will avoid your preparation to dry to fast

-1 cup of watter, actually I used niaouli floral water which is excellent for sensitive scalp…making it a hair care in the same time (but water will dye the same way)

-1 tsp of coconut oil (not more, you would stop the dye to fix on your roots

-10 drops of lavender essential oil

How to proceed:

Mix everything together, use gloves and protect your bathroom with newspaper…husk is really staining…thanks, that’s the reason why it is working on roots:), you will get a mixture smelling a little bit like spinach…don’t worry, this is not staying

Apply line by line on your roots with a paint brush, stay on your roots only, don’t go on the length, unless your hair are grey on your length too, if you cover already dyed hair, you could get darker lengthss, however, don’t be afraid to spread on your scalp, this is a 100% safe mixture)

Wrap your head with a plastic foil (to keep it warm and humid)…and spend time on the web while waiting…why not spending time on my blogs??? 🙂

Leave it for 2 hours (actually I left it for 2 1/4 hours, but you can leave it longer depending on how much white hair you have…I have a lot though 🙂

Rinse and shampoo as usual…

You are ready…and pretty…


Xoxo, France

PS, it gave me the idea for my next challenge on famous brand ingredients review VS diy cosmetic recipe…