Lemon Combava and Ginger Sherbet French Gluten Free Gourmet Style

This melting and acidulous sherbet…with a touch of grapefruit floral water…healthy…digestive…gluten free…bon Appétit!!!

french gluten free gourmet

Melting and acidulous refreshing sherbet with a great fruits and roots blend, a marvelous digestive break or dessert.

Yesterday I came back from the local farmer market, and citrus are…everywhere on stalls…

In my basket, I had limes, lemons and combava lemon…

lemon and lime basket

I have to admit…way to much for our daily basis intake…so I had to figure out how to use these…no waste please 🙂

First of all, let me tell you a few words about combava. This is a fruit in the family of limes, with a fun, though very nice skin…very bitter, with amazing medicinal properties. From anti inflammatory to digestive or relaxing, …this little fruit has gigantic benefits and is full of anti oxidants…so I like to use it as often as I can…in cocktails, sauces…and now in ice creams!!!

Here is my Lime and ginger recipe:


limes and ginger for sherbet

– approximately 8 limes and 2 combava (or 10…

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