26 seconds for the chemicals in your cosmetics to get through your skin  and into your bloodstream

 This question we get asked very often:

Do the chemical ingredients penetrate into our bloodstream, and if so, how fast?

 All scientific facts support this evidence: chemicals penetrate your body. Let’s take the example of this Swedish scientific study, a one case study of a person having a complete blood and urine analysis: the results show the amount of different chemicals accumulation in the body.

Now to answer the question: how fast does it penetrate your body? We would like to share a fun and safe experiment:  put 10 drops of peppermint essential oil (please use an organic, 100% essential oil, no blend) on the sole of your feet. Wait for half an hour and ask one of your friend or partner to “smell” your breath. Does it smell like peppermint? Chances are unless you had a lot of garlic or cheese for dinner, it does! This is because, from the moment the substance is applied on your skin, to the moment it is noticeable in your breath, you have waited about 30 minutes and it has made its way around your body to the point where you can actually smell it!

For more scientific references: EWG for example refers to hundreds of bio accumulative toxic substances the come from cosmetics (Pure Natural Essential oils on the other hand do not accumulate in your body).

Quite regularly, cosmetic products are also formulated with petro chemical substances which enhance and encourage skin penetration. This is also emphasised by the increasing use of nano particles in cosmetics which thanks to their nano size, get into  and around your bloodstream very fast.

New regulation concerning cosmetic ingredients in Europe

This forces us to wonder why so many substances are forbidden in European and Japanese cosmetic formulas and yet are still allowed in the US market (surely what is bad for Japanese and Europeans is also bad for Americans?). This French article: the Scientific Board for the Consumers’ Security,  actually claims that a new list of chemical ingredients “cause allergies” whilst others are “carcinogenic”. So is it safe to say, no matter where we live, let’s be chemical free whenever possible?

What can we do to avoid chemicals as much as possible?

Using natural cosmetic ingredients is the answer. And as you noticed, we offer a lot of natural recipes to stay safe and enjoy a great homemade cosmetic experience.

 26 seconds for chemicals in your cosmetics to be absorbed into our bloodstream…true or false?

It all depends on the type of chemical, your skin type, your bloodstream, metabolism….but it will penetrate, and sometimes stay into our body for years.

Only 26 seconds for the chemicals in your cosmetics to enter your bloodstream

Stay safe and enjoy a whole new wave of homemade slow cosmetics!

As always, any comments or questions, please comment below and we will be deligthed to respond!

Lots of Love

The Spoiled Bee Xx


18 responses to “26 seconds for the chemicals in your cosmetics to enter your bloodstream”

  1. marc rohr Avatar
    marc rohr

    You are completely right , lucky me to find your blog, thank you and keep on going !


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you so much Marc, I hope you will enjoy my coming posts…working on it…:) see you soon for my next secrets!!!


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    1. Ariane Avatar

      Can you site the source/study that proves it takes 26 seconds? Thanks so much! I agree with you just need actual data or a source.


    2. engelsfrance Avatar

      Hello Ariane, I am sorry to come back to you so late. Thank you for your visit!
      My article was intentional oriented to oppose my opinion to some articles written by “scientific” who are claiming that chemicals do not penetrate the skin. Obviously, depending on the size of the molecules, the thickness of individuals and many other factors, the substances will penetrate the skin, which is the point of my article. It is also to be noticed that some penetrating enhancers chemicals are used in regular cosmetics, enabling these substances to penetrate faster. Our skins are all different, we can indeed not claim that 26 seconds is “the” planing for chemicals to get into our bloodstream…but for sure, it’s penetrating. And my article is referring to the national geographic article which proved that: yes…chemicals are penetrating, and are bio accumulative (staying stored in our cells)> Therefore, you are right….stay safe…use natural products. It will be great for your skin, for your health…and for the environment!


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  12. circadianreflections Avatar

    I’m a goner. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 14. I’ve used make-up since I was 14 as well. It’s only been the last 20yrs that I’ve been concerned about what I’m doing to myself. It’s probably way too late.

    I quit dying my hair 3 yrs ago so now I’m 60 percent gray and 40 percent mousy brown and I’m using less and less make up. I’ve been using sun block since I was 35 even that might be too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Come on, it is never too late….the quantity of chemicals have been growing on and on….you stop on the perfect time….AND bonus, you have a positive impact on environment…. About cosmetic….we have wonderful natural options…. Bravo…..

      Liked by 1 person

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