26 seconds for chemicals to get into your body

I have been trying to log in on this Wellsphere web site to share my point of view…and this is not working at all…so I decided to write a post about it.

To recap, Today  I wanted to write post on this hot topic:

26 seconds for the chemicals into your cosmetics to get trhough your skin into your bloodstream…

I was doing some researches on the web…and I found this chat on : Wellsphere blog, on the general medecine page, since I use to base my posts on scientific facts, I read it carefully…and didn’t agree with the expert answer. So here is the answer I wanted to post…and my log in wasn’t proceded…so Here I am…:), but before here is the sentence which shocked me in this Wellsphere blog:

This question really bugs us because it implies that science works in the opposite way that it should.

The websites that you mention all make the same claim: that cosmetic ingredients are absorbed into the blood in “26 seconds.”…..

here was my answer:

It is a gigantic cost to bear such researches…prooving how fast chemicals are getting through your skin into your bloodstream, and the chemestry industry is certainly not ready to pay for it. However you can check this article published in National Geographic, the whole thing is supervised and checked by a Swedish Professor, this article is discribing the journey of a journalist through his complete blood and urine analyzes, sent to a Canadian independant lab…(may I say scientific lab, managed by real phd aso…cost of these only analyses are $15,000, not easily affordable for private),

Ok I am not a “doctor”, however I am a “chiropractor like” (I studied Etiopathie for 6 years in France)…so I have studied…a little bit…I am the inventor of a diagnostical medical device…(patented in 1997.) and for that reason I worked with searchers, professors in Biology, Doctor specialized in sport, professor in physiology…aso, some are still good friends…so I guess I am not an illuminated little girl only dreaming about a better cute “Barbie Doll” world…I am simply opening my eyes…and connecting my neurons… and I am now studying for a Master in Aromatherapy….and here is the point:

It is obvious that any substance is getting through your pores and hair follicules….ok…you will retort I have no proof…I have better than that:I have a DIY experiment…or should I write a TIY: try it  yourself: put 10 drops of peppermint essential oil (please use an organic, 100% essential oil…no blend…) on your sole foot…wait for half an hour (30 minutes, yes we are talking about minutes) ask one of your friend to “smell” your breath…it is smelling peppermint ( from the moment the substance is applyed on your skin, to the moment it is excreted to you lungs…30 minutes…so the penetration part is…something in between one second to 30 minutes). Is this not sufficient to you, you have official scientific web sites database listing substances, like EWG for example, they are refering to hundreds of bio accumulative toxic substances coming from cosmetics (Essential oils are not accumulating in the body).

Cosmetic industry is also formulating their products with petro chemical substances which are enhancing skin penetration!!! Also that cosmetic industry is using more and more nano particles…thanks to their sizes…are getting into the bloodstream very fast.

it is also to be added that we are talking about cosmetic, and the answer of this pseudo scientist is coming up with pharmacological patches which ARE conceived to dispense chemicals slowly into your bloodstream so patients are under low and constant medication all day long…this is the heart of the patches concept….it is conceived NOT to penetrate fast….wrong example!

Come on , being a scientific person…what is important is the fact it IS getting into persons bloodstream and damaging organes, causing cancers, hormons disruptions, genetical modifications…

Just a little detail, many more substances are forbidden in european and Japanese cosmetics formulas…are european and Japanese people weaker than American or is it just a slower awareness???

We are talking about endangering people with chemicals…seconds or minutes is not the point! And if seconds are used to call out the danger…this is called marketing…we are using the same tools as the cosmetic industry for awareness.

One question for you, if you were single (or maybe you are), and you were meeting a beautiful woman (or man)…you don’t have the proof he/she is carying some std…would you take the risk without protecting you??? Really???? This would be irresponsible don’t you think so?

Here we have proofs, we have cases, we have studies…and this is not enough???

To reinforce this calling out, I will post this moto today on my blog…

26 seconds to absor chemicals from our cosmetics into our bloodstream…


So here was my answer…

Yes…I know, sometimes I can get angry…I dislike when people are using their science or knowledge to ” send people to sleep”

Stay awake…stay aware…stay Beautifull…naturally

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