Chemical Hair Dye Can Kill!

jackie kennedy died from hair dye chemicals

Did Jackie Kennedy died from hair dye chemicals?

Though death due to an allergic reaction to hair dye is relatively rare, death from cancer is less rare. The National Cancer Institute suggests that one out of five of all cases of non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma among women are due to women`s regular use of commercial hair dye products. This is the disease that killed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who used the more damaging darker dyes. Breast, bladder and other cancers are also linked to the use of PPD.

The dye para-phenylenediamine, used in virtually every commercial permanent and semipermanent product, was shown in 1986 to be carcinogenic to the breast following oxidation with hydrogen peroxide, precisely as these products are used by women.

Further evidence of the cancer risk from hair dye use comes from studies of hairdressers that have provided clear evidence both men and women are at increased risk for bladder and other cancers.

 Finally, hair dyes may also pose a risk to children whose mothers used them shortly prior to conception or during pregnancy. In fact, the risk of childhood cancer could be increased by as much as tenfold. 

The alternatives to commercial hair dyes are not perfect, the use of henna (you can find different types, not all are red!!!!) mixed with walnet husk and Garance powder are the most natural. I recently choose to use that kind of hair dye…since I had my first gray hair at the age of 21…25 years of regular chemicals application (without awareness of dangerosity though) is more than enough…

You can visit my post to get one diy hair dye recipe with a photo showing the result on my post: follow my roots.

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