aromatic herbs essential oils

Some Perfumes with aromatic herbs fragrances:

Azure Lime by Tom Ford:

With Basilic and MintTom-Ford-Azure-Lime-main


Beautiful by Estee Lauder:


perfume beautiful estee lauder

This perfume has a touch of thyme oil fragrance mixed qith white flowers ylang ylang, orange flowers and vanilla.

List of aromatic herbs essential oils with benefits in cosmetic and wellbeing:


strong antifungal, anti bacterial, acne fighter


strong antiseptic, tonic, energizing, anti parasites, great air purifying

Basil (Ocinum BasilicumCT linalol):

skin well tolerated thanks to linalol, antibacterial, antispasmodic, balancing nervous system, fight stress, revitalize dull and mature skins

Basil ( Ocinum Sactum):

strong anti aging, anti oxidant, strong energizing, famous for stimulating body and soul

Tropical Basil (Ocinum Basilicum Var):

strong nervous tonic, fight stress and fatigue, reduce transit issues

Taragon (Artemisia dracumculus):

famous anti viral, , antispasmodic, anti allergy by rubbing and diffusion

Hysope ( Hyssupus):

help reducing asthma, cought, flu by chest rubbing, great against dermatosis

Laurus Nobilis;

body tonic, soul revive, respiratory ways antiviral and anti bacterial, pain killer, anti inflammatory, relieve rheumatism and muscle aches

Marjoram (Origanum Majorana):

sedative and calming, antibacterial, antispasmodic, fight aerophagy

Marjoram (Thymus Mastchina):

expectorating, decongesting, antibacterial, fresh and pleasant fragrance, great in diffusion synergy with  lavender

Origanum Marjorana CT Thujanol:

Strong anti bacterial, antiviral, antifungal, protecting organism, healing and stimulating muscles and blood circulation

Myrtle green (myrtus communis):

well tolerated respiratory ways antiseptic by rubbing on thorax, great air purifying, tonic and astringent, good acne fighter

Myrtle red (myrtus communis):

rich in myrtenyle acetate: great antispasmodic and veinous decongesting, help asthma issues, preventing against lice

Origan (origanum compactum):

major antibacterial and anti viral, is a must have, immune tonic and stimulating, antifungal (always important dilution!)

Origan (origanum vulgaris):

is one of the strongest anti infection, tonic and stimulating, air purifying in winter

Parsley Seed (petroselinum sativum):

used for 2000 year, helps circulations issues linked with period, fight retention, stimulating

Rosemary Campher (rosmarinus officinalis campher):

fight muscle spasm, prepare muscles before effort, lipolitic (slimming cure)

Rosemary Verbena (rosmarinus ct verbenone):

regenerating and body protection, healing and bactericid, skin care: eczema, acne, stretches, and scares

Sarriette (satureia montana):

major anti infection, dynamizing properties

Sage Clary (salvia sclaree):

balancing, reduce menstrual symptoms, excessive perspiration fighter, exceptional regenerating

Thyme (thymus serpyllum):

antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, digestion stimulation, strong tonic

Thyme Geraniol (thymus vulgaris geraniol):

sweet and lime fragrance, anti infection, tonic, acne fighter, fungal and eczema fighter

Thyme Linalol (thymus vulgaris linalol):

excellent antibacterial, anti infection, immune stimulation, skin tonic, often used in cosmetics

Thyme Thujenol (thymus vulgaris thujenol):

essential in famous aromatherapist natural pharmacy, sweet and still powerful anti infection, usefull for ERT, urinary and gynecology

Thyme Thymol (thymus vulgaris thymol):

excellent lungs antiseptic, general stimulation, purify skin issues, nervous, energizing, tonic (always diluted!!)

Thyme Borneol (thymus starcioide borneol carvicrol):

stimulating benefits, immune balancing, helps to fight arthritis and rheumatism

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