Origin:lavandula vera essential oil

Originally cultivated in South of France (which is the reason why Grasse was a geographical choice for implatation of stills, Italy and Bulgaria, it is now also cultivated in Australia, United Kingdom,Morroco, Spain, Hungaria, New Zeeland and in United States.

This perenial shrub growes well in medium altitude ( between 500m to 1000m). Though they need limestone soils and sunny exposition. Blooming in summer time. The only lavender needing silice soil is Lavandula Stoechas.

My sustainable producer is located in South of France, next to Manosque…the country of the famous French Author Jean Giono

Plant Material:

Flower Tops are used to produce Lavender essential oil


By steam distillation.

150 kg of flowers will make 1 kg of essential oil.

It is to be noticed that the floral water produced with the steam during distillation will also contain active substances and floral water is missible with water.

Organoleptic Properties:

Aspect: liquide

Color: lightly yellow

Smell: suave, flowery and grass smell.


Linalol for about 1/4 of the composition

Linaly Acetate: about 35%

Of course the chemotype is varying depending on the soil, the harvesting timing, the wetness…this elements will allow variations in each oil exact composition.

This composition is making this particular lavender essential oil very effective in both physical-medical and in mental wellbeing.

Indeed, essential oils with a large proportion in sesquiterpenes and in Terpenic Ester are active on the limbic system by enhancing the oxygen flow reaching the brain trough the hemato-encephalic barrier. By optimalizing the oxygen flow, it is allowing to stimulate memory or even to reactivate old hidden memories. Terpenic ester are aso very effective as anti microbial substances.


Synergy with lavandula Vera essential oil:

for diffusion: marjoram, rosewood, petit grain

for relaxing and wellbeing: marjoram, rosewood, petit grain

for hypertension: Ylang-Ylang

for skin ailments: tea tree


Perfumery and fragrances:

You can find lavender fragrance in these perfumes:

A Taste of Heaven from Kilian

taste of heaven kilian

Encens et Lavande from Serge Lutens:

encens et lavande serge lutens perfume

Lavender Palm from Tom Ford Private Blend:

Tom Ford Lavender Palm

Pour un Homme from Caron:

pour un homme de caron perfume


Lavandula vera his largely used in perfumery to add some subtil flowery touches to perfumes.



Antalgic (pain killer)

Wound healing



nervous asthenia, depression

nervous system balacing

children night terror

calming, sedative, tranquilizer

stimulating, self confidence, creativity, emotional balance

Use Direction:

skin affection (sometimes linked with stress troubles), scares, allergies, acne, psoriasis, eczema, burns, wounds, ulcere, stretch lines

cramps, muscle spasms,

insomnia,  trouble to get asleep,  irritability, anxiety, depressed person

Hypertension, palpitation, tachycardia

Trouble finding its origin in nervous system: asthma, digestive cramps, nausea, migraines


Way of administration:

-By massage and diffusion to realease stress and help falling asleep

-Local rubing for muscle aches and rheumatism

-Tub: 10 drops in milk powder (milk powder being oily, it will allow miscibility with water.

-skin care: apply on irritated skin

As it is easily noticed, Lavender essential oil is a must have in your first aid botanical pharmacy, since it is very effective against a lot of ailments. It is now scientificaly prooved that lavender essential oil is effective against germs as well as to enhance wellbeing

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