Ok…that Baby Balm is my very first homemade cosmetic…I made it for the first time….wooooo…almost 26 years ago…

vintage baby balm diy recipe

Ingredients you will need:

Argan Oil (Shop The Spoiled Bee): 2 tbsp

Sweet Almond Oil (Shop The Spoiled Bee): 2 tbsp

Hazelnut Oil (Shop The Spoiled Bee): 2 tbsp

Beeswax Shop The Spoiled Bee): 4 to 6 tsp (depending on the texture you want and how covering you want it, see photos below)

Raw Honey (Shop The Spoiled Bee): 1 tsp

Lavender Essential oil Shop The Spoiled Bee): 4 drops

Geranium essential oil (Shop The Spoiled Bee) (pelargoniumx asperum is more effective on fungus…but geranium bourbon is fine too): 4 drops

Zinc oxide powder (is a natural mineral ingredient which is a perfect skin healer and protector): 2 tsp.

Vitamine E (Shop The Spoiled Bee):  5 drops

How to proceed:

Pour argan, hazelnut oil, almond oil, beeswax and honey in a bowl, heat it in a double pan heating (bain-marie), stir and allow the beeswax to melt. As soon as beeswax is liquid, take you bowl out of the pan and pour essential oils and vitamine E as well as the zinc oxide powder*,  stir energetically to allow all the ingredients to mix, pour immediatly your mixture in a sterilized recycled jar (marmelade jars are perfect, prefer glass).

Once cooling, your balm will have a firm and creamy aspect (don’t use it warm!!!)

*zinc oxide is a powder, therefore be careful not to inhale it while the powder is free, a large amount of free powder in your lungs could be irritating, once introduced in the balm, it doesn’t present any risk of inhalation and has wonderful protecting and healing properties 🙂

If you use 6 tsp of beeswax, you balm will look like that:

baby balm natural recipe

If you use 4 tbsp of beeswax, your baby balm will have that look:

Pure Engels Organic cosmetic using argan oil


You can use on babies bottom to protect against rashes, lavender essential oil is a good skin healer and will kill germs on your baby skin…while balancing your baby’s skin flora.

All the ingredients are safe proved, natural and cruelty free 🙂

Main commercialized balms are full of chemicals, it is a nonsense…babies skin are absorbing chemicals through their skin twice as fast as an adult…some ingredients will stay…forever…will get accumulated

If you like that post…share it…

and if you have babies around…it is a must do!!! It is a perfect gift for a baby shower or birth present!!!

Happy lucky babies!!!

The Spoiled Bee Team

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