Yesterday I posted an article about so many good reasons not wearing bra linked to cancer, and I shared a diy recipe (not to be used during pregnancy)

And I had a request for the baby and pregnant ladies soft recipe.

essential oils for pregnant woman

Yes indeed, the yesterday recipe had 2 essential oils in the formula…one is safe for pregnant women and for babies, however the cypress essential oil is too strong during pregnancy.


It is to be specified that essential oil are 100% natural ingredients, but because they have been distillate, they are more concentrated, and some substances are too strong for being used during pregnancy, this doesn’t mean that essential oils are dangerous…they are not…patient just need to receive the right advise from a professional in the medical field and aromatherapy educated person.

This DIY recipe is not for a medical application, it has wonderful cosmetic and wellbeing benefits, this is what I would call prevention…please consult your doctor if you have any breast issue.

If you read my ABOUT page, you will discover that I am a natural therapist (6 years education in Paris, equivalent to chiropractor/osteopathe) and I completed my education with aromatherapy probably 20 years ago. This was so passionating…I am back to college to present a Master in Aromatherapy,( In the Australian College of Aromatherapy…that’s one of the reasons why I am in the Pacific right now…my minor is in” treating women from pregnancy to menopause”, by the way, it is amazing how effective can be treatments…only with oils…to balance or find the hormonal balance back on women…I also have training in Paris with a famous aromatherapist specialized in olfaction therapy: using aromatherapy fragrances for wellbeing) During my studies, I also have a practice part-time in a physiotherapy clinic in New Caledonia, where I am using and training my aromatherapy skills already.

My goal is to be deeply trained in aromatherapy, being able to “handle” all the different aspect of essential oils…to develop my organic cosmetic line based on vegetal oils, botanical substances…AND…aromatherapy of course…

Wow so much blabla….

Lets go back to our Safe Bust Lifting Oil for Pregnant Women…this is for Sarah :))) who has been such a nice a smiling model for my show…

You can use that recipe safely for you and your baby as soon as you passed your 3rd month of pregnancy

Be sure to buy  100% natural ingredients with no preservatives.

photo credit rob fitch
photo credit rob fitch

-1 tbsp of avocado oil

-1 tbsp of  tamanu oil (it has a strong smell, but is wonderful to prevent stretches thanks to its elasticity recovering benefits), you can find it on amazon or check on Wholefood Market…(you can also use tamanu oil on your belly to avoid stretches!!!)

If you ordered your tamanu oil and don’t want to wait, you can replace it with wheat germ oil, borage and primrose oil

Neroli Essential Oil:  1 drop: is an excellent cell regenerating, it has some tensor effects on skin and it is releasing wonderful olfaction benefits, it is for example used in French hospitals to help patients with stress and depression, it is the perfect oil to diffuse for pregnant women wellbeing

-2 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil which is a great revitalizing and skin tonic…and it smells goooood!! the olfaction effect is to promote appeasement as well as self-confidence.

-2 drops of lavender (aspic or lavandula vera….NOT the lavandula stoachade, but this lavender essential oil is rare anyway).


Apply your oil by rubbing gently…following your neckline, breasts, don’t hesitate to apply your massage oil on your armpit

Enjoy your pregnancy…and be beautiful…naturally

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