As you know already if your read my page concerning essential oils, essential oils are extracts from plants used for their healing benefits. These oils work both through smell and by skin absorption. The scent of the oils travels to the olfactory part of your brain, which regulates moods. Your brain reacts to the scent of the oil and releases neurotransmitters to either calm or stimulate you, depending on the type of oil. If applied to the skin, essential oils are absorbed into the bloodstream.

vanilla essential oil in aromatherapy

Why is Vanilla oleo resin oil making you Happy???

And how are essential oils working on your mood???

 Some essential oil will stimulate your nervous system, other will calm down and relax your nervous system. Because of this, you will require different types of essential oils depending on your mood. Stimulating essential oils might help those who generally feel down, whereas calming essential oils are used for those who feel overstimulated. Vanilla falls into the latter category because it calms, relaxes, uplifts mood, and reduces stress, anger, tension and irritability. But first of all, did you know that in breast milk is found a molecule  with a similar structure as vanilline? Now you understand easily why, whatever is the culture like…in any country…vanilla aroms seduce and subjugate.It helps us to feel good.

vanilla pods full of vanilline seeds

A 2005 article by Stephen Warrenburg in "Chemical Senses" studied the effect of essential oils on mood. 44.6 percent of study participants found vanilla relaxing while 27.2 percent reported feelings of happiness. Application To gain the benefits of vanilla, there are a number of ways you can use the oil. Diffuse vanilla essential oil into the air with either a diffuser or in a mist spray. When applied to your body, the delightful scent of vanilla will stay with you. Dilute vanilla essential oil in a carrier oil like grapeseed oil or macadamia oil and apply it to your skin in a massage. Add a few drops to your bath for an extra calming experience....

vanilla oily macerate for natural cosmetics

OK now you have the scientific explanation…on why is vanilla so good…for your mood…you can use it without any moderation…

Personnally, I like it in my cooking, and I like to diffuse it for a tender and sweet moment….smells and fragrances are very important for your mood.

Perfumers are using vanilla oils very often, the probably most famous perfum containing vanilla is the N°5 of Chanel…and I should say…it is making a lot of women feeling sooooo good!!!… and why men are  charmed by women wearing Chanel # five…

chanel number 5 five

I will write soon posts about how the smell influence our life…

Enjoy…end smell beautifully today…with a mist of vanilla of course



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