Discovering a New French Perfume with Sambac Jasmin Essential Oil

Traveling  to France is always a joyful experience in the world of beauty and fragrances

Flowerhead fragrance by byredo with jasmine essential oil

I like to discover new tendencies about cosmetics, about beauty products…and about what is new in term of organic products. What an inspiration!!!!

I just arrived yesterday evening and Air FRance lost my luggage…So the very first thing to do this morning was to go shopping…

what is the most important for me…???

My underwears…and remember my post about wearing bras…so I shouldn’t spend too much time finding my replacement undies.

My natural cosmetic products…no problem…I will find the carrier oil and essential oils I need in an organic store (actually I think I will go for hazelnut oil and rose essential oil, it will be perfect to moister my skin after 30 hours spent in planes and airport…and rose essential oil will be my anti aging care product…

My main concern today was to find a perfum….perfume is….so important to me, it is the mirror of my mood…and it is dictating my mood (you can check how it works by reading my post ).

I think I will go for the very new BYREDO fragrance. Even if usually I prefer powdery sweet and very feminin fragrances, I found that one…new…unusual…unfamous…and I like to get out of thelarge famous commercial brands…

and the composition of this perfume will help me to re boost my energy after traveling for so long…

So, lets talk about that perfumee:

flowerhead fragrance by byredo perfumer

BYREDO’s creative director explores his cultural heritage with is new spring frangrance FLOWERHEAD inspired by his owned imagined Indian wedding ceremony.

It is as much about the union of two families with flowers playing a central role.

At the heart of Flowerhead’ lies wild jasmine sambac traditionally used in the hair of the bride and in the leis worn by the couple.

This is a fresh, white floral scent, light and uplifting, misted with a snapped-stem, green accord and combining sensual yet dewy tuberose with rose petals for good and balalnced mood.

The sharp bright fizz of the sicilian lemon, the sweet herbal  spice of angelica seeds (angelic essential oils has wonderful benefits on fatigue and stress) and the fruity bite of liggonberry (almost cranneberry).

The effect is hypnotising:  a vivid union of body and mind which celebrates  the pure beauty of the blossom. An olfactory mix of romance and passion…revitalizing and soothing in the same time…al what I need to get ready for my French adventure…