As part of the female gender, we all experienced stretch marks...aren't we???

But what are exactly stretch marks?

 Stretch marks appear when the skin overstretches and tears the deep derma fibers. The resulting scar tissue shows up as discolored lines of pink, reddish-brown or brown across the skin. This usually happens during pregnancy or rapid fluctuations in weight. Stretch marks caused by pregnancy have the name striae gravidarum. Common areas for stretch marks are the abdomen, hips, breasts and behinds.

anti stretch mark essential oil blend

Aromatherapy and plants are used for several centuries, some of them are used for thousands of years, aromatherapy uses essential oils, which are natural essences distilled from plants and flowers for natural wellbeing and healing purposes. These extracts have physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits. By applying specified essential oils to the skin during pregnancy, you might not even get stretch marks at all. If you already have stretch marks, however, essential oils can help you.

My DIY recipe to prevent stretches during pregnancy :

essential oils for pregnant woman

To be used AFTER the third month of pregnancy!!!

-6 tbsp of tamanu vegetal oil

-6 tbsp of hazelnut vegetal oil

-2 tbsp of rosehip  oil

-5 drops of helichrysum essential oil

-5 drops of lavender essential oil

Rub gently your hips and stomach area with your mixture and allow it to penetrate into your skin

My DIY recipe to treat stretch marks after pregnancy and after breastfeeding:

anti stretch massage with essential oils

-2tbsp of tamanu vegetal oil

– 2 tbsp of rosehip vegetal oil

– 2 tsp of rosemary verbenone

– 2 tsp of cystus essential oil

-2 tsp of lavender essential oil

Use 10 drops of your blend on your stretched area by gently “pinching” your skin and marks, use it 3 times per day until improvement.



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