It is always very interresting and challenging to post articles on a blog.

And as you noticed, my blog’s name is France’s Organic Beauty Secrets…

Here we are…talking about beauty…indeed, this is a gigantic challenge to write interresting articles, yet to keep some plastic and coherence into this blog…

I recently had an interresting criticism comment about my tamanu oil post. Especially about the before and after photos.

These before and after photos were showing a young lady’s face before and after treatment…this comparission was a soft version of what tamanu oil can do.

It is true that tamanu oil is used in Australian hospitals by physicians on 2nd and 3rd degres burned skins, on deeply infected skin…and individuals are using this vegetal oil to treat all kind of lighter skin issues…like acne…or stretches.


I wanted to stay on a light path, my goal was to inform women, and men, who could be interrested in treating themselves on a natural way…avoiding chemicals…when possible.

Obviously some readers are doubtful and sceptical.

For these one, please find below some more photos of before and after treatment with tamanu oil



tamanu oil before treatmentafter 3days of tamanu oil treatment

tamanu oil after 3 days of treatment


And here is a video of burned skin injury treated with tamanu oil before and after 14 days


one video with blogger comments on tamanu oil:


This oil does have powerful anti inflammatory benefits.

I really hope this will help a lot of women to treat their skin and to take care of it naturally…


This oil is used by Melanesian women for centuries (from Island in Pacific)…I am living in New Caledonia where tamanu trees are growing naturally…and where women are using the seeds oil as skincare products…acne is not a common skin issue here…

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