How to do your own anti-cellulite massage

How to prepare your own anti-cellulite essential oils blend

How and why do the massage and essential oils work together for great before-after results!

Don’t forget though, nothing like a bit of exercice to get the blood flowing and get rid of (some) cellulite!

essential oils for anti cellulite massages


To prepare a very effective anti-cellulite essential oils blend, you will need

– Cypres Essential oil, which has a vaso-constructive benefit: 20 drops

-Cedarwood Essential oil, which stimulates blood flow: 20 drops

– Lemon Essential oil, great for lymphatic drainage and blood circulation: 40 drops

-Grapefruit Essential oil,  astringent, purgative and diuretic benefits : 40 drops

-Geranium Essential oil, skin astringent and healing benefits: 20 drops

-Lavender Essential oil, anti-toxin benefits: 20 drops

-Eucalyptus citriadora Essential oil, anti-inflammatory benefits: 20 drops

Mix all the oils together. For each massage, use 10 drops per leg and apply as per the diagram below:

anti cellulite massage



Try and do this massage twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes. You can also use this oil for dry-brushing (article coming soon to talk about dry-brushing benefits).

To better understand how these massages work, lets have a look at the image below:

Lymphatic System Female


The dual action of essential oils with mecanical skin and cellulite stimulation, helps eliminate toxins and break down fat which in turn will be eliminated through your lymphatic system and blood circulation. Please remember that these messages or dry brushing is always more effective when done towards the heart (so upward movement when working on most of the body).

toxins elimination in lymph system


Some more tricks to help with cellulite:

  • Drink loads of water (at least 1,5 liters per day)
  • Reduce your sugar intake, especially refined sugar. If you must use sugar, try and replace it with coconut sugar.
  • Light excercise such as walking or swimming even 40 minutes a day.
  • Pro-biotics can also be useful for digestion and therefore reduce your body’s storage of fat
  • Stay away from salt whenever possible! The more sodium in your diet, the more your body will store fluids

By following all these tips, you will really see a change over a few months time. See the before and after images below:

before after cellulit massages


Please note that this blend should not be used if you are pregnant or before exposing yourself to the sun.

We hope you have enjoyed our post.

Please comment below if you have tried this and let us know what you think of this recipe!


Lots Of Love

The Spoiled Bee Xx


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    Thanks for share! Very interesting article and useful information. In the article Anti-cellulite Massage at Home describes a very good massage techniques that you can do at home.

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    Love this! A must read for anyone. It’s a great way to stay healthy too. Massaging the skin with good oils! Thank you for sharing!❀


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