How to do your own anti cellulite massage

How to prepare your own anti cellulite essential oils blend

How and why do this duet massage and aromatherapy works together for a great before-after result…

but don’t forget…walking activelly 45 minutes a day is healthy and essential…to restore a good blood circulation.

essential oils for anti cellulite massages


To prepare a very effective anti-cellulite essential oils blend, you will need

– Cypres Essential oil, which has a vaso-constructive benefit: 20 drops

-Cedarwood Essential oil, which has a blood circulation stimulation benefit: 20 drops

– Lemon Essential oil, which has a lymph drainage and blood circulation stimulation actions: 40 drops

-Grapefruit Essential oil, which has a astringent, purgative, diuretic actions : 40 drops

-Geranium Essential oil, which has a skin astringent and healing action: 20 drops

-Lavender Essential oil, which has an anti toxin benefit: 20 drops

-Eucalyptus citriadora Essential oil, which has an anti-inflammatory effect: 20 drops

Mix all the oils together, for each massage, use 10 drops per leg and apply as following:

anti cellulite massage



Apply this massage twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

We can understand why these massages are working effectively by observing this lymphatic system sketch:

Lymphatic System Female


With the duet of actions, essential oils and mecanical skin and cellulite stimulation, toxins can be eliminated through the lymphatic and blood circulation and than been eliminated out of the body.

toxins elimination in lymph system


Drinking a lot of water is helping your body to eliminate.

The consumption of sugar is a source of  inflammation…the less white sugar you eat…the faster you will eliminate cellulite.

And as sayed  earlier, walking is a good way to stimulate naturally the blood circulation…

By following all these advices…as this lady did…here is a nice before and after

before after cellulit massages


It is to be noticed that this blend is not to be used if you are pregnant, and before exposing your skin to sun…

since grapefruit and lemon essential oils are photo sensibilizing…


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