Essential Oils and Pregnancy

essential oils for pregnant woman

We all heard so many things about essential oils and aromatherapy…and especially for pregnant women.

What is true…what is false about it…

Aromatherapy is a strong and powerful medicine using a concentration of plants called essential oils, using plants doesn’t mean it has no action. Indeed, using plant is a question of quality (of knowledge) and quantity (and dosage).

essential oils in aromatherapy and cosmetics

Essential oils are wonderful to use, your body has no addiction to it. It doesn’t cause bacteria to adapt and to get stronger and stronger.

We can use essential oils to prevent and take care of your health as naturally as possible. We can also use essential oils for their amazing benefits in cosmetics and massage oils, and of course in perfumery too. It is very important to consult a specialist in health and aromatherapy before using essential oils.

This list should help you to decide if you can use a massage oil containing essential oils for exemple…

In this post I am sharing a list of essential oils you should never use during pregnancy as well as a list you shouldn’t use during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

And first of all, why shouldn’t you use these oils if you are pregnant??? Some essential oils in this list are abortive, it means it will stimulate the contraction of your uterus…some other oils in this list are hormone like and would disturb your natural pregnancy hormone balance…and last but not least,, some other essential oils are really concentrated in natural substances which are too strong for your babies liver…or metabolism…for that reason this list is to proscribe. It doesn’t mean these oils are dangerous in general, it means they are not appropriate for pregnant women…

Here we are talking about therapeutic concentration, to be cautious, it is better to check on your ingredients list before using your cosmetics…usually, even in natural cosmetics, the concentration of essential oils is not exceeding 10% of the total ingredients (we are using floral water and vegetal oils as carrier and moisterising oils), so it shouldn’t hurt anybody…it is just a high precaution taken by real professionals working with essential oils.


I would also like to catch your attention on this point, during your pregnancy, you should be very careful on all cosmetics you use (all the major famous brands like Olay, L’Oreal, Garnier, Dove….are using dangerous chemical ingredients which are proved to hurt embryo development and are causing cancer, please check my post). These ingredients present in your daily cosmetics are dangerous for you and your baby…before, during and after pregnacy.515 toxic chemicals in daily cosmetics

List 1: essential oils to proscribe during pregnancy

list of essential oil to proscribe during pregnancy


Achillea millefolium, acorus calamus, garlic, ajowan, aneth, anise, angelica, Siam wood, cinnamon of Ceylan, cinnamon of China, carvi, Atlas cedarwood, Himalayan cedarwood, hysope, lavandula stoachade, turmeric, cypress,Melaleuca quinquenervia cineolifera, mugwort,  eucalyptus globules, eucalyptus piperitoniferum, juniper, clove (except for delivery), katrafay , lantana, menthe arvensis (mint), menthe spicata, menthe piperita, menthe pelugium, nardostachis jatamansi, cinnamonum cassia, oregano, palmarosa (except during delivery), parsley, campher rosemary, verbenone rosemary, sarriette, officinale sage, tagetes, linaol thyme, satureoide thyme, thuja, valerian, solidago Canadensis, zedoary.

Lit 2: Essential oil that can be as early as the 4th month of pregnancy

 essential oils that can be used after the first trimester of pregnancy

The use of certain essential oils is conceivable from the 4th month of pregnancy, while staying always cautious and under medical advice who has the specific knowledge in aromatherapy.

Ocinum basilicum (holly basil), Tropical basil, bergamot, Ho wood, roman chamomile, cardamom, Virginia edarwood, cistus landinifer, citrus limomum, citrus auretifolia (lime), Cumimum cyminum, picea mariana, tarragon, eucalyptus citriadora, eucalyptus radiate, eucalyptus smithii, fragonia, galangal, geranium boubon, Egypt geranium, ginger, helichrysum italicum, psiadia altissima (lary), inula graveolens, kunzea, laurus nobilis, lavandula augustfolia or lavandula vera, lavandula latifolia or aspic, lavandin super, lavandin grosso, lemongrass, pistacia lentisticus, mandarin,marjoram, (origanum majorana), marjoram (origanum majorana CT thujenol), commifora mirrha, niaouli, orange, citrus sinensis, petitgrain, pine, pinus  lariccio, pinus pinaster, pinus ponderosa, pinus sylvestrus, tsuga Canadensis, ravintsara, rhodendron anthopogon, Rosalina, rosa, sage, blue camomille, vervain, ylang ylang III; Ylang Ylang complete.

These lists are coming from scientific literature specialized in aromatherapy like :


Founding principles, demonstration, illustration and application of a natural medical science

aromatherapy scientific literature

This literature is a reference and is not diagnosing any health issue, I am only sharing these 2 lists to help you selecting the essential oils to use for your wellbeing and cosmetics during your pregnancy.

To treat yourself  for specific health issues, you definitely need to consult with your physician, some are specialized in aromatherapy and will apply the appropriate treatment for your specific needs.

Enjoy and be a beautiful mom…naturaly

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