Grasse's roses essential oilsSurrounded by fragrances…working with essential oils all year long…..

I had to follow that training in the capital of fragrances in South of France which is successfully accomplished today…and I was so happy my two daughters, Anais and Violette loved to follow that training too…

Fragrances essential oils organ

Grasse-France this beautiful antic city is where perfumers installed their manufactures almost 300 years ago. …

we decided to follow our training and workshop in the oldest and first perfumery lab…in Galimard lab…

Perfumer training

During the workshop while creating her perfume


Training for perfumer done

We had fun, we learned a lot…

the perfume I created was composed with tubereuse, jasmine vanilla, tiare flower, a touch of green tea….and now it will be tough to let the perfume stand for a few weeks to allow the fragrances to blend and create a wonderful synergy of flowers and nature fragrances….

What a wonderful experience

i hope you enjoyed it!!!



2 responses to “Perfumery Training in the Fragrance Capital: Done”

  1. annie'sbeauty... Avatar

    wow! it must have been an amazing experience! xx


    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Ohhhhh yesssss 🙂


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