Antic Perfumes Bottles Photos

Coco Chanel was saying talking about perfumes: bottle doesn’t  matter as fare as you have dizziness …

Do you agree with that?

Do you enjoy having nice perfumes bottles?

are you influenced by packaging…or are fragrances what matters the most???

about myself….I have to say, the subtility of fragrances is more important than the beauty of the bottle…probably because I carry a cloud of my perfume surrounding me all day long….and the bottle is staying at home….

however, i enjoyed discovering all this antic perfumes bottles….

Perfume bottles and box from 16th to 19th century photography

and love sharing that with you…

Eau de cologne antic bottle photography.

Set of antic perfume bottles



Old violet perfume bottle photographyCristal and vermeil antic perfume bottle photography

Antic cristal perfumes bottles photography


Cristal perfume classic bottle photography cristal antic perfume bottle


And you….what do you prefere, fragrance or bottle?

please leave your comment….