I still have a few days in Provence France to buy the ingredients I need to prepare my macerated carrot oil.

Every morning we can find a little farmer market in Aix en Provence-France.

It is summer time in this part of the Planet, and this square is nicely shaded by the bell tower, cristal clear water is springing out of a multiple centuries old fountain…

bell tower photography in aix en provence

cristal clear water from a fountain in Aix en Provence

and what a nice surprise, today we also had the flower market!

flower in the farmer market in Aix en Provence

I just need to focus back on my carrot and sunflower oil…I have my regular provider for these organic ingredients.

organic carrots photography


organic carrots photography

Back home and ready to prepare my macerated carrot oil

How to proceed:

-boil your bottle and lid to be sure it is free of any bacteria,

-wash your carrots and cut thin slices of carrots with a peeler (no need to peel your carrots…you absolutelly need to use organic carrots anyway…so you will not have any chemical on your carrots. The peel of vegetables and fruits are always full of vitamins and nutrients….for that reason it is important to keep the peel…).

-When using very thin slices, you allow the carrot to get the maximal contact with oil, active ingredients will easily “brew” into oil

-spread your carrots slices on a board and cover with a clean gauze, put in the sun to allow your carrots to dry. The less watter you will leave into the carrots, the less it can get molds while macerating (2 hours should be enough if the weather is dry and nice.

-pour your boiled and dried jar or bottle with carrots slices and cover with the oil of your choice. I chose sunflower oil. I usually add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to preserve naturally my maceration. Close your jar

-let it brew for 2 to 3 weeks, shack often

-filter your blend ( a coffee filter wil be perfect)

-pour your oil in a boiled and sterilized bottle

-write down the ingredients and the date.

You will use your oil for many comsetic preparations…

I will post a complete review and recipies soon…

macerated oil for skin care

Here are more infos on the benefits of carrot oil and extra recipes! 

It was so much fun to visit my farmer’s market….

I hope you enjoyed the photos and the tutorial

If you like it, thank you for sharing it!!!