DIY Relaxing Pillow With Mustard Seeds and Essential Oils

Who as issues to sleep…here is exactly what you need….

a dream pillow!!!!

relaxing pillow composit


I made mine with a recycled knitted pullover stuffed with dried lavender petals and mustard seeds.

Than, you can choose your own relaxing essential oil and pour a few drops on your dream pillow.

The texture of the small mustard seeds is perfect, it is exactly like beads. I knew already the mustard benefits to fight inflammation and “prevent cancer”, and I found out that it is a “grandma remedy”: using mustard seeds in mattress and pillows. It is said it has great benefits for human body. It is helping to balance the immune system and to reduce orthopaedic aches.

dream pillow with essential oils

Both lavender and mustard seeds are porous and are absorbing essential oils and releasing slowly the fragrances and benefits of these volatiles oils for our mind and rest.

mustard seed for dream pillow

It really offers a pleasant feeling to use. The stretch material of the knitted fabric is allowing the pillow to spouse the neck curves perfectly.

During the night, each movement is releasing a little bit more smell.

The essential oils I chose were of course: lavender, I also tried cedar wood and jasmin.

Material you need to make your own dream pillow:

-1 recycled (old) thin knitted pullover (natural wool or cashmeer,  knitted bamboo or organic cotton sweat-shirt)

-2 pounds- 1 kilogram of mustard seeds (more or less, depending on the size and density of stuffing you feel comfortable with)

-1 or 2 cups of lavender flower petals (approximatly 150 grams)

-a few drops of essential oils: lavender, cedar wood, jasmin….rose…

-a sewing machine or a needle and some thread

mustard and lavender stuffing dream pillow

How to proceed:

-cut the 2 layers ( back and front together makes it easier….you et the same size 🙂 ) of your old pullover in a rectangle shape, I kept the 2 sides already stitched

– sew the third side

– stuff with mustard seeds and lavender flowers

-stitch the 4th side

….your dream pillow is ready….

enjoy your nap….or your night

be naturally rested…and beautifull