Who loves the smell of a  baby?

We all associate the baby smell with the baby powder…or the baby balm we use to clean their little behind

What we don’t always realize is that these products are full of synthetic fragrances…which are not healthy…especially for thin and tender babies skins…

3 in 1 baby lotion and perfume


I have the perfect DIY solution for you. It is a 3 in 1 product  you can use as a baby wipes lotion, a natural perfume as well as relaxing and well being mist your baby will naturaly inhale…

for the # 1: wipes lotion, nobody will have any doubt…you can do it

for the # 2: natural fragrance…you will see you will enjoy it…

for the # 3: relaxing and wellbeing by inhalation, it is scientifically proved that fragrances are reaching a part of the nervous system called limbic system, which is directly “wired” to relaxing hormons production by your brain. This therapy is called olfacto therapy…I had a real joy learning that in my master class for aromatherapy….and have a real pleasure sharing that with you…it is natural, it is safe and it is chemical free.

My tip to stay alcohol free:

I use Turkey Red Oil also named Sulfated Castor Oil

This oil has a wonderful property: it is miscible in water. So it is the perfect ingredient for a biphasic lotion (floral water and castor oil) AND thanks to the fact it is an oil, it is the perfect ingredient to dilute essential oils and natural extract.

Castor oil is a vegetal oil which has numerous benefits for skin and hair. Oils are more and more used to de-make up and to clean skin…so it will work wonderfully on your baby face…body….behind…

List of Ingredients you will need for your DIY 3 in 1 Baby Lotion:

-2 tbsp of sulfated castor oil

-13 tbsp, or 200 ml or 6.6 Oz of orange flower or lavender floral water (both are good for the skin, both are relaxing, so pick up the one you prefere for your baby…)

-15 to 30  drops of vanilla absolue (essential oil), depending on how much fragrance you want…Vanilla is an absolue and is safe for skin.

vanilla pods full of vanilline seeds

-2 drops of lavender essential oil (lavandula augustifolia)

Lavender for essential oil

– 2 drops of rosewood essential oil

As you will use it on your baby skin, please select organic ingredients and be sure your floral water is chemical and preservative free…you won’t need to add preservatives since essential oils, especially lavender, are good anti septics. Use the lotion in a  2 months time range…or prepare half in quantities…

How to Proceed:

Mix your essential oils with the castor oil, add the floral water in an apropriate bottle. Chose with or without a spray…up to your need

Shake well before using…remember, you need to mix your biphasic lotion.


Lavender essential oil benefits on mood when inhaled: helps falling asleep, release from stress and nightmare, soothing, calming

Lavender essential oil benefit on skin when applied: antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, soothing and anti inflammatory, helping to regenerate skin.


Rosewood essential oil benefits on mood when inhaled: calming, stress released, fight nightmare and night stress, relaxation and harmonizing.

Rosewood essential oil benefits on skin when applied:  regenerating,  healing.

3 in 1 natural baby perfume


Your baby will smell deliciously…

Enjoy and stay safe

And if you liked it, please share it with your girlfriends…the one with children…or gran children…