Recipe for a DIY Sugar Hair Removal

DIY recipe for a fast, easy and painless (almost ๐Ÿ™‚ hair removal

oriental hair removal


Is there a real totally pain free way of waxing or epilating?

I found one which is probably less than others, and believe me…I tried many…

Obviously when you live in a sunny shiny all year long weather….you turn to be always hunting hair….

This recipe has been used since Egyptian. The considered Queen of beauty Cleopatra was already using this kind of recipe…even if she wasn’t using micro wave like in my recipe….it has been found traces of it in hieroglyphs.

egyptian women waxing

Ingredients and equipment you will need:

– A micro wave

– A wooden spatula

-A strip of cotton fabric, gause is perfect for that

– 1 cup of sugar

suger hair removal diy recipe






-1/4 cup of ย honey


– 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice

lemon juice for diy sugar hair removal









How to proceed:

Dust a pinch of arrow root on your skin to protect it against to much sugar sticking…just a dust…

Spread your melted preparation on the area you want to wax…be very very careful, hot sugar…as well as hot wax…can really damage and burn your skin if used too hot…room temperature is the secret ๐Ÿ™‚

To spread your preparation, use your wooden spatula or stick and spread following the sense of implantation of your hair.

Apply the cotton fabric on the oriental sugar, pet the cotton to be sure the sugar is adhering to the fabric

Wait for half a minute and, as for any waxing, pull your cotton strip promptly, against the sense of hair implantation

You can than rinse your fabric strip under hot water and re use it as often as needed.

Once your preparation turn to be a little bit harder, you can use a bowl of sugary preparation and use it without fabric, or re heat your preparation…again….very careful with hot sugar!

After waxing, moist ahd hydrate your skin with an after waxing homemade balm…

I will come back soon with a post about my own diy after waxing natural recipe


Your skin will have a velvet look…naturally….

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and tips, please share it!

Be beautiful naturally…