As my last post was about Sugar Hair Removal recipe, I promised my next post would be about after shaving, or waxing skin care product….

I formulated this oil so that you can use it even when being pregnant….

Ingredients needed:

4 tbsp of rose hip organic vegetal oil

Rose hip organic vegetal oil



Coconut oil for cosmetic diy4 tbsp of  coconut oil ( if the temperature is low,  leave your oil under the sun, or microwave for a few second to allow it to melt)


Lavender for essential oil3 drops of lavender essential oil ( lavandula officialis)



How to proceed:

Mix all the ingredients together….

spread generously on your skin just after waxing or shaving.

Both vegetal oils will sooth your skin, heal it if some irritations are appearing after the heat of waxing. Oils will also hydrate and moister your skin, leaving it fresh, silky soft….and naturally healthy….


enjoy the the texture, enjoy the smell, and feel your skin as soft as silk….ready for the beach…or to shine in your new little dress!!!

be beautiful naturally

and if you like it….thank you to share it!!




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