How to DIY Test Your Lipsticks For Heavy Metals?

How to make a homemade easy and fast test at home to check if your lipsticks contain heavy metals?

I would have had a lot of fun to do this easy chemical test if the subject wasn’t so serious: Heavy metals in cosmetics.

Heavy metals are everywhere and are life threatening.

You can find mercury and lead in different objects like in economic light bulbs, vaccinations products, contact lense liquid cleaner, eye drops..and as you will experiment it, in cosmetics.

Here is my tip:

DIY to test heavy metals

What is the main effect of heavy metals?

Heavy metals are neurotoxic ingredients. It means that the mercury, or the lead….are penetrating into your cells, especially in the part of the cell which is producing energy for your body. It is easily installing in cells which are rich in fat…like brain and nerves cells. It is than staying and accumulating forever into your body…or it can be transmitted to your baby during pregnancy through placenta, or can be transmetted during breast feeding.  It can cause huge pain, numbness, auto immune diseases, rhumatoic problems, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, depression or even neurologic embryo damages, like autism or hyper activity syndrom.

If blood or urine tests are done, they won’t reveal heavy metals because it is not eliminated by kidneys nore circulating into bloodstream.

As you can see, this is not fun at all, and it is difficult to treat since you need a special treatment named chelation…

All that to say…

All that to say…better to avoid lipsticks containing heavy metals than risking to threat your quality of life and health…

So as you noticed on the photo,

Just apply your lipstick on the shinny side of an aluminium foil.

Rub in small circles for 10 seconds with a tissue

Check the color of your tissue, if some black traces are appearing… your test is positive, your lipstick is containing mercury and or lead.

How it works:

Do you remember your chemestry classes?

If I say chemical equation, does it ring a bell?

Here we are, the mercury and or the lead are attacking the aluminium contained in the foil, executing an equation…. 🙂

The reaction of this equation is visible on the tissue, black color is signing a positive reaction between heavy metals contained in your lipstick and aluminium…

I hope you enjoyed doing this test, and I wish your lipsticks are tested negative

If the test is positive…this will be the best excuse EVER to do some shopping to find heavy metals free lipsticks.

Be beautiful naturally

Enjoy a healthy life

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