How to DIY Test Your Lipsticks For Heavy Metals?

How to easily and quickly test at home whether your lipsticks contain heavy metals?

We would have had a lot of fun testing this at home if the subject wasn’t so serious: Heavy metals in cosmetics.

Heavy metals are everywhere and are life threatening.

You can find mercury and lead in different objects such as economic light bulbs,  contact lens liquid cleaner, eye drops..and you guessed it, in cosmetics.

Here is our tip:

DIY to test heavy metals

What is the main effect of heavy metals?

Heavy metals are neurotoxic ingredients. It means that the mercury or the lead penetrate your cells. It makes itself right at home in cells that are rich in fat such as brain and nerves cells. It then stays and accumulates forever in your body and can be transmitted to your baby during pregnancy through the placenta or during breast feeding.  It can cause severe pain, numbness, auto immune diseases, rheumatic problems, fibromyalgia, thyroid problems, depression and even neurological embryo damages.

If blood or urine tests are done, they won’t reveal heavy metals because they are not eliminated by kidneys nor do they circulate through the bloodstream.

Not fun at all and not the easiest to treat as metal overload it requires a special treatment called Chelation…

All that to say…

All that to say that you’re better off avoiding lipsticks containing heavy metals.

As shown on the picture above, just apply your lipstick on the shinny side of a piece of aluminium foil, rub in small circles for 10 seconds with a tissue and check the colour of your tissue: if some black traces appear your test is positive, your lipstick contains mercury and/or lead.

How it works:

Remember those dreaded Chemistry classes?

If we say chemical equation, does it ring a bell?

Well to put it simply, the mercury and/or the lead in your lipstick react with the aluminium contained in the foil which creates a reaction and black traces appear.

The reaction of this equation is visible on the tissue, black color is signing a positive reaction between heavy metals contained in your lipstick and aluminium…

If the test is positive, it’s the perfect excuse to do some shopping and find a new lipstick free of heavy metals.

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