Champagne’s Wonder in Cosmetique

Let’s go for some treats…pamper your skin…with Champagne!!!

skin care with champagne

Yes, this is real, Champagne is a wonder for your skin!

Champagne is rich in trace elements nourishing and enlightening your skin. But also minerals activating biologic exchanges, AHA acids stimulating cells regeneration, polyphenols with anti oxidant and protective benefits.

Champagne also contains enzymes, vitamin B,C and PP as well as lipoique acids (anti oxidating enzymes)

Champagne activate blood micro circulation and has hydrating effects.

The synergic cocktail of trace elements inducing cells’ enzymes’ reaction…this process facilitating  damaged skin cells and activate the protection against external assault.

champagne in cosmetic

I told you…Champagne is a marvel…!

Tips to use champagne as a cosmetic:

Tonic lotion:

Pour some champagne in a small cup, dip your make up cotton pad into the champagne. pad your cleaned face with your cotton. Champagne will have a tonic effect and will clean your skin deeply, it will eliminate dead skin cells and will rejuvenate your skin…


Brightening anti aging Scrub:

Mix 1 tsp of argan oil with a handful of cristal sugar and a tbsp of champagne. Mix your blend and rub gently your face…this preparation will act as a wonderful scrub which will brighten your skin tone and will slow down the aging process…


May I serve you another cup of Champagne??? 🙂

champagne mum is as good in your glass than on your skin


I hope you enjoyed this DIY beauty tip…

If you like it,, share it…without drinking too much of your favorite champagne 🙂