Beautiful Nature Art-Snow Photos in French Mountains

What is that guy doing in the snow is beyond suspicion!

art snow walking in the mountain


Why is he walking for kilometers or miles in the snow on the tops of French moutains?

Is that a new kind of sport?

Kind of….but this is mainly art!

ephemeral art in beautiful nature

Isn’t it amazing?

It would remind me with the famous Victor Vasareli’s art

victor vasarely art

I couldn’t hide the fact that I like art….

But if you make the cocktail of art…and nature…I am melting!!!

ephemeral art in snow

It is as delicate as lace, as gigantic as a mountain, as scientific as engineer math…

And most of all, this is beautiful…in nature

ephemeral drawing in nature


In my blog I already posted photos about beautiful nature and ephemeral art, for example nature balancing rocks by Gravity GlueΒ by Michael Grab.


In this post, let me introduce you to Simon Beck, the Artist:

Simon Beck french snow artist

As I wrote earlier, he is walking for hours, kilometers, taking the risk of wind blowing away hours and hours of meticulous drawing.

But wow…this is worth it

Don’t you think so?

Have a happy Saturday

I wish you a lot of beautiful nature!!!