Is Lush Cosmetic Natural ? Challenge 10

Lush Cosmetic complete review ingredients

Today I wanted to write a post about the now famous Lush cosmetic brand. If you make some research on Lush, you will find how they defined themselves:

is lush natural

Lush is a company making fresh handmade cosmetics???

This label is turning to be so famous now…that it would be wonderful to hear that a famous brand is using exclusively natural products…let’s check on that together.


Ballistic Phoenix Bath Bomb by Lush

ballistic phoenex bath bomb

I have been so decived to figure out Lush is not formulating and producing its cosmetics with all natural ingredients, even more decived about it because they are basing all their marketing on it.

I found a french video on youtube analyzing many different brands and formulas…during this tv show, they were interviewing the French brand manager from Lush…apparently neither well trained…nor aware…of what was in Lush formulas…

If you catch some French words, you can watch this video…to make it easier for you, just watch from the minute 43.3…this is eloquent!!!

find the video at the end of my post

I have to admit I have been very lazy on this challenge…I choose a short and easy formula…

But many shower gels in Lush stores are made with methyle parahydroxybenzoate, which is the scientific name, and not the INCI official name required by the international nomenclature law: or INCI…

Come on…this is sheating!!!

I will offer you a DIY recipe for fizzy bath bomb soon…

check in my coming posts…this will be a mint and lemon morning fizzy beads…made with all safe and healthy ingredients!!!

Composition/  INCI list:

-Backing soda, totally safe to be used on skin. It is a basifiant and

can even be swallowed.

-Citric Acid, is safe depending on the quantity, here it is the second

ingredient….this ingredient is helping to balance the ph acidity for your

skin. It also is an ingredient to ” fizz” or add bubbles when in contact with


– sugar. Sugar is good for skin. Actually it is excellent to be used

externally….and very bad when swallowed!

-Cocoa butter: (Theobroma cacao), excellent moister for your skin


-Glycérides capryliques / capriques peg-6, peg 6 is a formula patented which is using a mix of substances. It is a mimic of urea acid (urine),  some ingredients are  from the wastes of petrochemical industry and PEG compounds often contain small amounts of ethylene oxide. According to results reported on in the National Toxicology Program’s Eighth Annual Report on Carcinogens, ethylene oxide increases the  risks of uterine and breast cancers as well as leukemia and brain cancer.


According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer Working Group,

exposure to ethylene oxide during its production, processing, or clinical use

has been related to an increased incidence of leukemia. Other cancers linked to

ethylene oxide exposure include esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic

cancer, bladder cancer, brain and central nervous system cancer, neoplasms of

lymphatic and hematopoietic tissue.

It is to be noticed that persons working in the industry to produce such

ingredients are largely presenting cancers. This is making this ingredient

absolutely not sustainable. You are sponsoring these industries formulating with

such dangerous ingredients!


PEG s contain polycyclic aromatic compounds, also known as polycyclic aromatic

hydrocarbons (PAHs). It has been proved  since the early 1960s that polycyclic

aromatic hydrocarbons cause breast and other cancers.



-Almond glyceride/ peg-60, derived from almond oil, however PEG are containing dangerous compounds same as above


– Essential oil bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia), bergamot essential oil has

a nice natural fragrance!

-cassia tree essential oil. Another natural essential oil with a more fruity fragrance


-Colorant 45410 : red-blue pigment, is toxic and is even forbidden in the US in

products for eyes and lips!!


-Colorant 42090 : is a blue pigment considered safe.

-Colorant 77891 : is a white safe pigment

-Colorant 77491 : is a red safe pigment

-Colorant 77510 : safe blue pigment

-Sparkling green powder or Japanese holly berry: since the inci name is not

provided ( and it definitely should by the law), it is difficult to say more

about this ingredients. It would be in the INCI black list


-Goldy sparkling powder (Polyéthylène téréphtalate) : concerning polyethylene

terephthalate , Lush is pretending that their sparkling powders are etable…..

Yes…but no…..if you have a quick look on what  polyethylene terephthalate

is….it is PET….

PET was found to break down over time and leach into the liquid. And in

cosmetic….you have some liquid which will make it lack easily….it is than

releasing DEHA. DEHA is a toxic ingredient which has been shown to cause liver

problems, other possible reproductive difficulties, and is suspected to cause

cancer in humans. Therefore…..I wouldn’t eat it….nor use it on my skin….

-Cinnamonium Cassia: is a stick of cinnamon…


My conclusion is ….I am so sad and so upset…..

How can decently a cosmetic concept brand it’s name by claiming all natural and

edible ingredients….

How can our young teenagers be protected by dangerous ingredients that will

accumulate into any single cell into their body? How can they decently decide to

consume healthy cosmetic if the leitmotiv of a brand is lying??? Teenagers are

clearly targeted in this label….they should have the opportunity to receive

the right information…for a healthy life….and their healthy babies to



Obviously I will make more post on the lush subject….

And if you like it….thank you so much to share it!


France Engels has been in the natural health business.  For more then 20 years she has been treating patients as an osteopath all over the world since she was working with international sport teams. She is trained in aromatherapy as well. She owns an organic cosmetic start up business. Her responsabilities in the company are the conception, the formulation and the selection of ingredients.

She is passionate about nature and all the secrets it can offer…in the healing field as well as in the beauty milieu.