I just absolutely had to share this DIY recipe with you!!!

As you can read it in my other posts about vanilla, I loooove vanilla!!!!

Here you can read why vanilla is loved internationally

I have a great tip for you….

Just use a empty pepper (or salt) grinder and pour it with small pieces of vanilla pods.

vanilla pods for organic cosmetic fragrance

For my recipe, you can use pure organic avocado oil.

avocado oil diy scrub with vanilla

Avocado oil has a thin composition which is mimicing skin sebum….for that reason it will penetrate easily into your skin and will hydrate and moister your epiderm.

Grind 2 or 3 pinches of vanilla and mix it in a tbsp of avocado oil.

Apply on your skin on gentle circles.

This mixture will gently scrub your skin thanks to the vanilla particles…and it will offer a dizzing vanilla fragrance….

Once oil well penetrated into your skin, rinse, or for a strong hydrating and perfumed experience, just swipe the vanilla dust off your skin….

I personnaly like to use my own avocado anti aging cream that I mix with the vanilla….

vanilla perfumed soft scrub cream

This DIY will leave you with a evenly vanilla perfumed skin…and your skin will look beautifull, soft and bright.

I use it on my face and my hands…

So simple….so effective

Tell me if you loved it as much as I do!!!!






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