Last week I wrote my 10th challenge post about Lush bath fizzing beads ingredients review.

fizzy beads with minth and coconut

I promised I would share a safe recipe so that you can enjoy bubbles into your tub…without any fear of consequences…

DIY ladies…are you ready for some chemestry lab???

To realize your own fizzing beads, you will need:

-backing soda: 29 gramms

-Citric acid: 14.5 gramms

– Corn Starch: 14.5 gramms

-Mineral water: 2.4 gramms (2 sprays)

-Coconut Oil: 16 gramms

Peppermint Essential oil: 4 to 6  drops

-Vanilla extract or absolue: 4 drops (please click here to check a post sharing a scrub diy recipe with vanilla)


How to proceed:

Mix the powder of backing soda with the citric acid and the corn starch

Mix the water with the vanilla extract

Spray twice  of your vanilla perfumed mineral water on the mixture of powders.

Blend gently your mixture, be careful not to prompt the chemical reaction…if it is fizzing into your bowl…it will not fizz anymore into your tub…

The chemical reaction is due to the mix of your basic backing soda with the citric acid.

Create large beads rolling your preparation in your hands (wear gloves!!!!) and let them dry

Let the coconut oil melt, whipe the oil to obtain a  creamy texture.

Add the peppermint essential oil and the coconut flakes into the mixture

Once the beads dried, roll them into your coconut oil and flakes, let them dry…

Enjoy your tonic  bubbling tub!!!

Be beautiful today…naturally…