All the tips you will need to keep naturaly a healthy glowering flawless skin are in this post.

In many of my posts, I already told you about anti oxidants helping your skin to stay young and to fight against aging.

anti oxidant action on skin

In this post, I will show you how essential oils and some other natural ingredients will help you to take care of your beauty, without spreading multiple petrochemical ingredients on your skin.

On this picture you can notice the difference of color, of dryness, of glowering.

Datas and researches are showing the quantities of anti oxidant contained in different substances. (see below)

This is very easy to try this experiment by yourself….but just in case…I did it for you.

We only need to cut an apple in 2 and to spread vitamin c powder on half of the fruit’s flaish. Pretty fast, the color of the non protected flaish is turning brownish, the protectected side is staying bright, white, fresh moistered and glowering.

Wait for 12 hours…the difference is still visible….

My photo is after a 12 hours period of time, the apple staying on a cool room.

anti aging effects of anti oxidant in cosmetics

My photo is not photoshoped!!!

Obviously, ingredients containing antioxidant are good anti aging substances.

Where can we find anti oxidants?

We all heart about food and especially fruits containing antioxidants.

How do we know if ingredients are containing this particular benefit? A measurement method have been set up in the USA by the NIH (National Institutut of health), this measures are classified in “ORAC” index, standing for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, this index is allowing to know  the total quantity of antioxidants in food as well as its capacity to fight free radicals. This index is setting up a scale of comparison between differentt ingredients for a specific weight (100 gramms). This measuring method is used internationally.

For example, 2 drops of clove’s essential oil are equal to 7000 ORAC units, or 2.5 L of carrot juice, 10 oranges, 2.5 Kg of beets, 4 cups of raspberries… (be careful though….some essential oils are dermo caustic, this dermocaustic EO  should only be used diluted. Baby and infant skins are thiner, all the essential oils should be used diluted, without any exceptions)

Benefits of  anti oxidants in our food?

A diet rich in anti oxidants  enable us to stay younger longer. Fruits and vegetables should always be part of our diet. Chips and fried food would have a reverse effect, since it will fast our aging process.

That is how we  can act for our diet and everything we will ingest.


Benefits of anti oxidants in our cosmetics?

And now, what about acting from outside? What can we apply on our skin to help it fighting against aging process?

The exactly same thing…though it will often have a superficial effect, not all the ingredients are penetrating easily our skin cells’ wall.

The most famous anti oxidants are the beta-carotens, or pro vitamin A, ascorbic acid or vitamin c, tocopherol or vitamin E, polyphenols found in Teas and small fruits. lycophens in tomatoes, and most of all, especially in cosmetic, essential oils.

The example I gave above is edifying, 2 drops of clove’s essential oil equal 10 oranges….

Another edifying example: if we use fresh orange, we would need 25 times more orange than if using orange essential oil to get the same ORAC index.

Another extremely important point: essential oils, thanks to their tiny volatile molecules and their electro ionic charges, are able to penetrate through cell’s membranes, all the details in this post about 4 ways cosmetic ingredients to get through your skin.

We cannot change our genes but we can act on our healthy look

As this photo of a chimeria is showing the particularity of genes, we cannot act on our genetic particularities,

chimeric mutation

however we can decide to take care of our beauty from inside and outside.

Essential oils are excellent and natural ways to fight against aging process thanks to its powerful anti oxidant benefits.


Essential oils allergies are rare conditions if well used.

It could, for example appears on skins sensibilized by too much chemicals or pollution.  Always use the advice of well trained aromatherapist before using essential oils, use pure and organic essential oils (indeed essential oils are a concentration of botanic ingredients, if traces of chemicals are found in the plant, it will be concentrated in the essence).

All the informations provided are from scientific publications, however, this informations are given for informations only, this cannot constitute  a medical consultation.

It is also important to make a test before applying ANY cosmetic on your skin.


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