8 DIY Recipes with Lavender Essential Oil For Women

Lavender Essential il is a multi purpose wonderful essential oil for many reasons.

It can even be used pure on skin*.

8 diy lavender recipes for women

Who made the experiment for you?

The best example to make you feel comfortable with the idea of sometimes using lavender essential oil pure… is found in the  reference litterature in the early 19th…and is still the reference when talking about aromatherapy: Mr René Gattefossé was a chemist and was doing a lot of fragances and perfumes experiments in his lab. One day his experiment turned bad, and he burned himself very badly…so badly he suffered from gazeous gangren! Antibiotics were not yet found…he had to find something before amputation. His researches let him guessing that lavender essential oil was a good antiseptic, a good healing oil too.

René Gattefossé’s life experiment with essential oil

He made the experiment of his life by plunging his hand in pure lavender essential oil. It helped him very fast with his excrutiating pain, it stopped the gangren process. It was so encouraging, he used it regularly, and his condition improved drastically!

Back to our simpler but still complicated women daily issues

Now that we now lavender essential oil is safe to use. It is time to say how, in many many differnet ways, lavender , lavandula augustifolia, can help us.

Lavender essential oil is a good anti inflammatory oil (for your skin and your body), it fights against cramps, since it is an antispasmodic, it is a good anti bacterial natural substance (so you can use it against acne), a good healer, it helps fighting against insomnia and sleep issues, against anxiety, it has anti oxidant properties (so is excellent to be used as an anti aging ingredient), it has some insect repellent benefits…

DIY Recipes

#1-DIY Recipe against baby blues or blues:

-Lavender essential oil: 30 drops

-Bergamot essential oil: 30 drops

-Geranium essential oil: 20 drops

-Grapefruit essential oil: 20 drops

How to use your blend:

After a fresh shower, humidify a hand towel and add 10 drops of your blend, rub gently your body…and breath deeply and slowly. A portion of essential oils will penetrate into your blood stream and help to relax, while the other portion will evaporate around you and surround you with relaxing and well being natural fragrances (this is scientifically proved, the volatile molecules of EO will penetrate into your nose, will reach extremelly fast your limbic system, and will provoque the production of your own natural relaxing hormons). Keep your blend in a glass bottle for your next use. Use daily for at least 3 days

#2-DIY Recipe against migraine

-Lavender essential oil: 1 drop

-Cajeput essential oil: 1 drop

-Clove essential oil: 1 drop

-Hazelnut vegetable oil: 20 drops

How to use your blend:

Gently rub your temples with your blend

#3- DIY Recipe against Anxiety

-Lavender essential oil: 40 drops

-Ylang Ylang essential oil: 40 drops

-Ravintsara essential oil: 40 drops

-Lemon verbena essential oil: 40 drops

How to use your blend:

Use 3 drops of your blend on your solar plexus (around your stomach, just under your sternum and ribs) as well as on the inside of wrists.

Use it 3 times a day…and breath slowly and deeply with your belly

#4- DIY Recipe to fall asleep easily

sweet and relaxing pillow

-Lavender essential oil: 10 drops

-Atlas cedarwood essential oil: 10 drops

How to use your blend:

Blend in a small glass bottle and inhale deeply directly from the neck of your bottle for 3 to 5 minutes before going to bed or use in a diffuser. If you keep it in a bottle to inhale, put the cap on after use since this oils are very volatiles. You could also use it on your relaxing pillow as indicated on the link

#5- DIY Recipe for after sun-sunburn lotion

DIY after sun lotion recipe

-Lavender essential oil: 1 ml (approximatelly 30 drops)

-German camomile: 1 ml (approximately 30 drops)

Tamanu vegetable oil : 1 tsp ( 5ml)

Coconut oil: 3 tsp (15 ml)

– Aloe vera macerated oil, or gel (upon what you find): 4 tsp (20 ml)

How to use your blend:

Apply gently on sunburned skin or irritated skin 2 or 3 times per day


#6- DIY Recipe for menstrual cramps

stomach ache

-Lavender essential oil: 10 drops

-Anise essential oil: 10 drops

-Cajeput essential oil: 10 drops

– Olive oil: 2 tbsp

-Arnica macerated oil: 2 tbsp

How to use your blend:

Apply 10 drops of your blend on your belly and on your lower back and rub gently


#7- DIY Recipe against acne

-Lavender essential oil

How to use your oil:

Take a drop of lavender essential oil on a Q-tip, apply 1 drop directly on your pimples


#8- DIY Recipe for night anti aging mask

– Lavender essential oil: 1 drop

Argan vegetable oil: 3 drops

-Your usual organic moister cream

How to use your blend:

Take the usual amount of your cream in the palm of your cleaned hand, add one drop of lavender essential oil as well as 3 drops of argan oil, mix with your fingers and apply generously on your face before going to bed.

My conclusion would be….If you have to travel with only one essential oil for your skin care, it should be lavandula augustifolia essential oil…pure, organic of course.

You can find more recipes and informations about how to use lavender essential oil on my former posts:

-in my post about diy anti acne mask with olive oil and lavender essential oil

-in my post on how to prepare a safe alcohol free baby perfume with lavender essential oil

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– in my post about how to use essential oil for hair care

and much much more by typing lavender or lavandula on the search bar…enjoy…and share if you like it

lavender aspic essential oil


These DIY recipe are based on scientific litterature and should be used as advices, not as a medical prescription


*We should all realize an allergy test before using it on our face, even if lavender essential oil allergies are extremelly rare, they could appear.

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    These are great, Thank you!


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      I am so glad you liked it. Thank your for stopping by…and for following!

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  2. atkokosplace Avatar

    Lavender is my go to essential oil. I even use it on my pets too! Your posts are always so informative. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! ❀

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    1. engelsfrance Avatar

      Thank you, your are sooooo sweet Koko. Lavender is indeed the must have essential oil. Just be sure you have the lavandula officinalis and not the aspic….which is great too but won’t have the same actions and if used too frequently…could cause some irritations….. Wonderful idea to use it on your pets….I always do too…. Even on horses legs in winter, to avoid cracks….on dogs and cats ears… But I am not surprised you like it….reading your posts…we can tell how inspired you are….always full of great ideas!!!

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    2. atkokosplace Avatar

      You are the best France! Thank you for your wonderful words always! ❀ Thank you for the tip on the best lavender. I am still envious of you getting that amazing bottle of lavender from your friend! Lucky you! One day I will go to France just to get a bottle from there! 🙂


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