DIY Natural Deodorant As a Candy Flavor

Hard choice in the jungle of deodorants

How to chose a healthy, yummy AND effective deodorant???

I found a great formula to make your own deodorant….and I add some natural essential oils to make it smell like a candy.

My formula doesn’t contain any kind of aluminium

The smell is….headily yummy….I could even say…very sugary


natural effective diy deodorant as a candy flavor

For this recipe you will need:

-a recycled roll on container

diy beauty deodorant recipe

-5 tbsp of peppermint hydrosol (you can read the complet review and benefits of peppermint hydrosol here)

peppermint aromatic water for diy beauty recipes

-1 tbsp of melted coconut oil

Coconut oil for cosmetic diy

-5 tbsp of baking soda powder for its odors’ absorbing benefit

-5 drops of lavender essential oil (you can read the complete review and benefit of lavender Essential oil in this post)

-4 drops of sweet almond essential oil for the 100% natural fragrance

-5 drops of geranium Essential oil for the balancing effect, the antibacterial benefit and the delicate 100% natural fragrance

-1 TAD measuring spoon of natural xanthan gum for the 100% natural thikening benefit

open your container, pour all the ingredients and stir energically with a stick for 1 minute, allowing all the ingredients to mix, and the xanthan gum to gelify….

It’s ready…and yummy…

Shake well each time you use it.

All the ingredients I selected for that formulation have a natural antibacterial benefit, some are balancing the perspiration naturally, and backing soda is absorbing smells….

I use it and love it…my girls find it too sweet…they prefere woody fragrances….so I will come up soon with an new post for a new recipe…with a new 100% natural fragrance.


Thank you for reading

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