France’s Organic Beauty Secrets Greatest Hits

Here is Frances organic beauty secrets Greatest Hits

This post is to celebrate my 10,000 viewers on Frances organic beauty secrets and to ask our help…Beauties, on how I could improve my blog.

top 10 2014

I have put so much work in it…since end of January 2014…but obviously…I could do better

I have to say, I haven’t been perfect in my presence and contain…quite inconstant….

Should I add I had some…..kind of… good excuses for the inconstancy…I began to write that blog just after  a double failed dental bone surgery…since then, I had to get 2 more surgeries in Nouméa-New Caledonia…than to travel to Paris to get the last surgery, which restored the bones, fixed the 6 months of infection (which totally overwhelmed my immune system…).

All these surgeries…didn’t fix my trigeminal nerve damage…These neuralgias are also named suicidal pain…and I confirm…they are excruciating pains…increasing with time…

However I know I will find a solution to treat that nerve issue…and my Sweetheart is helping me each way he can for that! We are on different tracks to find a solution…

So I am sorry Ladies if I didn’t honored my challenge so fare.

Just a little remind, my challenge was to write famous cosmetic product complete ingredients’ review …and this…each week.

These posts are giving you the nature of the ingredients, their functions and their dangerosity… Than I was supposed to share a replacement DIY recipe with all natural and/or organic ingredients…So fare I only wrote 12

So, I decided to take this holyday time for good resolutions 🙂

My personal questionning out of my statistics analyze: thank you:

this Sydney life ‘s blog

…which is a blog I follow and inspired me to come up with my top 10 posts so fare:

1 Batiste Dry Shampoo ingredients review VS DIY Natural Dry Shampoo recipe

2 Nuxe Huile prodigieuse ingredients review VS DIY Natural Recipe

3 Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti Wrinkle Cream VS Natural DIY anti aging cream recipe

4 Tamanu Oil Before and After Treatment

5 DIY Anti Aging Face Cream

6 Nail Polish Toxic Review Ranking

7:  26 seconds for the chemicals to enter your bloodstream

26 seconds for chemicals to get into your body


And for this one…I am adding the photo….the dress is one of my creations…from the time I was designing clothing…that dress is partially in bamboo (except the lace which is from a Parisian artisanal workshop) Nothing to do with cosmetic….except the fact that Evin, the model, is wearing a lot of make up during this fashion show…

8 My secret Ingredient Cosmetic Oil for the Miraculous Anti Aging Skincare.

9 Essential Oils ,

this is actually a page dedicated to general infos about EO

10 Before and After anti cellulite Essential oils blend for massage


What is surprising me the most: the first ranked haven’t been “liked”, or so rarelly. I guess these are probably interresting subject….but scaring in the same time…

What is making me very sad: my post about: Don’t test on Animals…is the last ranked under 109

the cute photo animation I have done on youtube has, after one year only 130 views….

Animals have always been very important to me…

I 100% understand when testing medications and drugs on animals….but why should we be cruel with animals…testing potentially dangerous chemicals….anyway it is not a good idea to use it on us if it is on the edge…and we can use what nature brought us thousands of years ago….

I read the protocols for testing…it is cruel…and pointless.

I also would like to add on the matter of beauty and anti aging, that taking care of our diet, is as important as what we use on our face.

What that blog taught me best….work, work…and work….

Obviously I could do better….certainly, I will do better…


Should I improve my writing…I know…english is not my first language…and it is maybe boring to read so much misspelling…(that is the only thing I can only improve with time…time…and time…so sorry if this is an issue 😉 )

Should I improve my photos?

My titles…certainly….

My topics….?????

The look of my blog???

So many questions…

So thank you so much for all the comments, advices, tips…. you could leave me below…

Thank your for visiting and reading…and a huuuuge thanks for your advices!!!